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Assessment 2: Professional Reflection & Analysis of Self (during intensive) Essay Example

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Reflection Trauma

In the previous presentations, I was enlightened on the various issues of trauma, including the causes, effects, and some of the strategies that are useful in coping with trauma. Today’s presentation focused on the different trauma interventions and services. Before starting to work with a trauma client, I appreciate that it is essential first to understand the aims and goals of these trauma interventions and services which so that at the end of the treatment, these goals will be considered as the critical success factors of the process. As it is essential to understand evidence-based approaches when dealing with trauma patients, I got an in-depth understanding regarding the various trauma-informed approaches, trauma-informed care, different PTSD interventions, and the treatment approach of PTSD (SAMHSA’s traumatic and justice strategic initiative 2014).

Secondly, I was enlightened on the ways to assess whether or not a patient has PTSD. I found this a fascinating subject because it empowered me on the ways of taking a medical approach when dealing with trauma patients with the aim of enhancing their resilience on trauma. This gave me a deep insight of how I can be in a position to identify these conditions and in doing so, I would be able to offer quality, evidence-based, and professional assistance to the trauma patients and therefore, enhance their resilience and positive growth.

I was also introduced to the ways to work in helping the refugees and the asylum seekers more so those who have survived torture and trauma. I am now enlightened on the concrete steps to take from the point I start working with them to the time they realize this positive growth out of trauma. Additionally, there was a presentation on the different stages of recovery from trauma. This topic expounded my knowledge on the ways social workers can observe a trauma patient and tell whether they are recovering or not and what needs to be done in the case this positive growth was not being realized.


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