Assessment 2 Management Quality Customer Essay Example

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‘Аssеssmеnt 2: Маnаgеmеnt Quality Сustоmеr

‘Аssеssmеnt 2: Маnаgеmеnt Quality Сustоmеr

  1. What is your perception about this product?

  2. How is the product received among your closest friends and family members?

  3. Which brands are highly present in your nearest retail centers?

  4. What information would you volunteer to the company regarding the product?

  1. why do you think sales have taken a downward trend?

  2. where do you expect to work in the next few years?

  3. what are some of the common problems or issues facing this company?

  4. do you often meet your personal targets?

(c) Monitoring morale of workers can be quite a daunting task for Leah since the looks of other employees may be deceptive. In both cases, she should therefore hinge on many factors and situations to achieve this. By using the right approaches, Leah should constantly seek to monitor and to know how other workers are doing and how they get handle situations that they are confronted with. All these will provide Leah with the insight she needs to monitor the morale of her subordinates.

(d) Leah should motivate her staff and help them to realize their targets (Dow, 2012). She should also inspire and give them the synergy to perform and contribute to the overall success of Foundry Distributions. She should initiate and implement good practices within the work environment to increase their productivity and chances of meeting daily targets. she can also communicate to her subordinates more frequently to increase the level of trust between them and the management which also sends the message that the quality and the quantity of their work is more valued. To bolster the chances of the company in accomplishing the corporate bottom lines, Leah should also empower them with the right information and clearly describe the duties and responsibilities of every work to avoid any form of duplication.

(e) Leah should provide information on the requirements of various customers, how to attract and convince other potential customers, and how they should reinforce brand reputation in the market. this should be accompanied with the information on why the company’s products are the best (Mitchell, 2013).

(f) Leah could monitor productivity and relationships between her sales representatives and the customers. Poor relations between the workers and the customers can hurt operations of the company and contribute to low sales volumes (Mitchell, 2013).

(g) Attitude towards work, motivation and morale.

(h) Leah will need to procure a suitable means of transport for her twelve sales representatives in the two states so that they can travel vast distances and reach larger market segments when marketing products. In the long run, this has the overall impact of increasing the sales margin and the chances of the company succeeding. She will also need to develop suitable adverts in form of billboards and posters to endear the products of the company to the people. It would be important if the adverts are appealing are interesting to the intended audiences (Harvard Business Review, 2011).

To boost the morale and productivity of staff, Leah will need financial resources which can either be given as incentives to workers, or as special allowances for workers. Leah will also use these resources to set up more distribution outlets and channels to increase the proximity between the products and the people.

Leah handled the complaints of customers properly and with caution so that relations between the customers and the company are not negatively affected. improper handling complaints from customers may lead to losses since studies have shown that customers’ views or complaints are closely related to productivity hence they should be considered (Mitchell, 2013).

(j) Leah should maintain sales and inventory records as they give the information and a clear description of what Leah is mostly concerned with.


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