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Curriculum Vitae


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Professional Summary

Registered Nurse with administrative skills and knowledge in infection control procedures and standard medical procedures. Proficient in assessing patients’ conditions and identifying signs and symptoms of infections. Adept in implementation of effective infection control techniques

Core Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge on infectious diseases

  • Immense knowledge in infections disease identification and treatment processes

  • Knowledge on infection control procedures

  • Proficient at antibiotic administration

  • Knowledgeable of standard nursing practices and procedures

  • Effective communication skills

  • Ability to work under stressful conditions and diverse schedules

  • Leadership skills

  • Good organizational skills


Infection Control Nurse

  • Effectively performed hand hygiene procedures to act as a role model to other nurses

  • Performed regular rounds for identification and treatment of patients’ infections

  • Ensuring patient and personnel observed the required hygiene practices to prevent infections

  • Collaborated with other healthcare providers, especially physicians in confirming identification and treatment of patients’ infections

  • Monitoring patients’ conditions after surgical procedures to assess any signs of infection

  • Participated in maintenance of inventory for all equipment and materials use in disinfecting patient areas

  • Investigating the primary cause of infectious diseases

  • Helping in implementing infection control techniques

  • Took part in research projects and training to establish better infection control methods

Professional Nursing Portfolio

My name is XXX. I obtained my registered nurse license in 2010 and I have been working as a registered nurse since then. The process of applying for accreditation in Infection Control Professional has offered me a chance to critically evaluate components of my professional practice. I have managed to reflect on the experience, knowledge and skills that I have and also my everyday clinical practice and what the accreditation will add to my professional development. I am an enduring learner who always takes the initiative for professional growth and development. This enables me to provide care for the patients using the most current evidence-based nursing practices and research knowledge.

It is my belief the achievement on accreditation in Infection Control Professional will benefit my patients, workmates as well as the community at large. Moreover, the accreditation will be a motivation to me and allow me to deliver the best possible quality nursing care to my patients. Professional development as well as advocacy for safe practices greatly contributes to positive patient heath outcomes. Finally, it is my belief that my accreditation will further promote positive health behaviors among healthcare providers as well as for the patients.

I have been placed in an official leadership position as a nurse leader. Even though I was given this role recently, I have always embraced the role. Nurse leader in the ward unit has equipped me with excellent leadership skills and efficient communication skills. I have also been a key preceptor for my unit and have regularly played the role of orienting new personnel as well as experienced personnel to the unit. Other designated roles I have held during my nursing practice include mentor to student nurses, charge RN and professional association leadership.

I have received certification and accreditation in other nursing specialties such as emergency nursing, National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators, Perioperative Nursing, Gastroenterology Nursing, among others.

I have also participated in community service activities such as volunteering constantly in community programs such as health promotion activities and disease screening activities too. As well, I have been involved in nursing research where I have participated in roles such as data collection and as a principal investigator and a co-investigator in research projects.

I hope you will find my portfolio to be a manifestation of the nurse I am.

Reflective Narrative

According to Mathur (2011), healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) have increased enormously as well the severity of HCAIs and complexity in their treatment, infection control has become an important aspect in the health sector. This is because evidence shows that effective infection control can significantly lower the risk of transmitting infections within healthcare institutions (Mathai et a, 2010). Evidence has demonstrated that infection control staff plays a significant role in regard to prevention of HCAIs and medical errors. An infection control professional specifically is involved in performing continuing infections’ surveillance within different ward, monitoring infection rates and reporting the data to the appropriate staff, performing personnel education and training, as well as responding and implementing control measures for the outbreaks of infectious diseases (Hughes, 2008).

Accordingly, during my practice as an infection control specialty practitioner, I have gained expertise via education and training that involves infection control, hand hygiene, infection surveillance as well as epidemiology data and information from most current scientific publication and basic training programs and workshops provided by professional institutions as well as the hospital. Evidence shows that continuous participation on professional development is the backbone to successful nursing practice and therefore by participating in further training and activities in infection control I will be further improving my nursing practice (Suchitra & Lakshmi, 2007).

Through my participation in infection control activities and training, I have gained enormous knowledge and skills in infection control and infection prevention. Before, I was not aware of infection prevention strategies or factors that predispose people to infections. Currently I feel confident in infection control practices because I have enough experience and knowledge in infection control. . Basically, I feel that I have acquired the standard core set of knowledge and experience in infection control to merit accreditation in Infection Control Professional.

From this refection, I have realized that all healthcare providers should play a role in infection control. Hand hygiene, infection surveillance and wearing protective kit is the heart of infection control. Every health care provider should adhere to all these measures to ensure infection control. I have also discovered that policies in healthcare institutions play an important role in infection control. Therefore, I will be a champion in campaigning for implementation of infection control strategies in all healthcare institutions that I will work.

After my accreditation in Infection Control Professional, I will endeavor promote the required infection control measures. I also intend to educate both patients and colleagues on infection control strategies such as hand hygiene practices.


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