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Activity 1. How the advertisement or promotional activity is compatible with Eden beauty’s requirements.

The advertisement formulated to promote the Eden beauty company has been made to the highest standards. The background colors chosen for the advert which is black and pale pink has met the demands of the organization. The colors chosen are symbolic to the market as they aspire beauty. They still are in the design made for the Eden Brand. They have been used in the Eden logo and writings in the logo too. The graphics in the visual ads, which include billboards and television running clips, have their main theme as bringing out the luxury imagery. These pictures and motion editions show several individuals having their laxity when using the Eden products and services as well.

Moreover, the ingredients used to manufacture the Eden Beauty products have been included in the promotion ads. Additionally, the users, who are the female, are also informed on the roles played by each of the ingredients mentioned with respect to specific products and their use. Safety has been assured to the consumer as a way of winning the clients’ trust to their beauty services and products. The information regarding Eden products’ ingredients has allowed the buyers to choose the product that fits their interest. Further, their services which include beauty therapy, and massage along sides nail art and piercing have been indicated in the promotion adds. The advert has brought forth majorly the importance of female to enhance their natural beauty through the use of their services and goods. Therefore, the adverts made to be played on radio, television, social media among other advertising platforms have been rated as compatible with the requirements of Eden Beauty Company.

Activity 2

Advertisement plan for a new car. The medium chosen to advertise the medium schedule for the new car is the press medium. It is the leading medium in terms of reaching many clients within the shortest time possible. It involves publication of the ads on the international and regional newspapers along sides, trade journals, and magazines which are halfway less used than newspapers.

Media channel

September (cash in $)


30*5 full page

30*5 full page

Local press

30*5 full page

BME press

30*5 full page

Editorial platform

30*5 full page

Regional and national reminder

30*5 full page

Medium schedule.

The allocation of the charges is as charged by organizations responsible for the respective tasks towards making the promotion a success.

Advertising campaign example. The advertisement campaign for the new car whose medium schedule is indicated above has been distributed evenly over the time given, which is a month. The campaign will be able to create awareness as well as influence the clients to buy the advertised car thus the effectiveness of the campaign.

Advertisement campaign scheduled in waves. The advertisement on the Coca Cola products is proving to be wavy. It doesn’t run continuously. It is the advertisement in bits whereby the promotions are done timely. Through the use of the wavy promotion, the campaign has been able to cover various market situations as well as advantaging the company for more demand of the products. The wavy promotion method has led to the effectiveness of the campaign.

Activity 3

Reaching people over 60 years to buy funeral insurance plans. The effective media to use in order to reach people aged 60 years and above to buy funeral insurance plans is sending different teams to reach them at their homes. The reason behind this is that these people barely use social media and use of television ads will not effectively allow them to ask any clarifications. It will be easier to convince them and sell to them on face to face advertisement to them.

Reaching teenage. Creation of internet advertisement and television adverts will help reach the teenage, who are frequent and common users of these platforms.

Reaching adults to buy natural baby foods. The appropriate media to use to reach adults is internet advertisement to promote the purchase of natural baby foods by adults. It is the media that will help reach many adults within a short period. Besides, leaving the address for them to order for delivery of the goods will be necessitated by the internet services.

Objectives of advertisements. The objectives to the advertisement are, the creation of awareness, winning more clients from competitors as well as the creation of the trust to clients on the products and services respectively. The advertisements are shown in the appendix

Activity 4

Men advertisement time. The best time to advertise on TV targeting men is immediately before or after news reading time. The chosen time is because many men are found to be concerned with news that any other television programs.

Lounge suite and furniture advertisement time to homeowners. After work hours for the specific nations is the appropriate time to market lounge suits and furniture on TV. The chosen time is appropriate since the homeowners are probably to be at their homes after work thus will be reached perfectly.

Mobile phones advertising time. There is no specific time appropriate for the advertisement of phones with the teenage as the target audience whereby the advert needs to be shown often. The reason is the teenage is mostly on television watching thus frequently running the adverts after every break will ensure the target audience is reached.

Advertising options. The available advertising options include newspaper advertisement which cost $500 per post, radio advertisement which cost $800 for a week and television advertisement which cost $800 of a week. According to my budget, television advertisement will be appropriate. It has fare charges. Besides, through television, many target audience will be reached across the nation and the world as well. Further, television advertisement will provide a better RIO (Return on Investment) since the advert will increase the demand for the plumbing services.

Activity 5. Organizing a magazine advertisement.

Focus creation. The advertisement team has to select the theme products and services they are intending to advertise. The theme selection will help identify the topic to be used in the advertisement for the brand. Besides, after the creation of the focus, the point of argument will ever be allowed to the key information. The focus selection helps tie up together all the content in the advertisement script and graphics also. Further, the ideas to me voiced will be based on one theme thus the success of the magazine advertisement in marketing the brand’s goods and services.

Identification of the target audience. The target audience is all he advertisement wants to reach and pass the information with the right use of language. Therefore, on identifying the audience will drive towards the selection of the appropriate grammar in relation to their capacity to understand. Use of palatable terminologies in the advertisement may not work well for advertisements meant for the young aged people of the elderly in the society. Besides, male and female advertisements can never have the same color theme thus identification of the audience will narrow down the designing of the magazine advertisement. Besides, the identification of the target audience will also drive to the selection of the best magazine advertising organization that will reach the target audience perfectly.

Select the suitable design. Selection of the appropriate design helps the designer to identify the suitable plan to use in the magazine advertisement. These plans are based on the graphical designs, color selection as well as the wording of the advertisement. Use of an attractive design of graphics captures the attention of many regular readers of the magazines along sides other individuals. Therefore, the best color choice for the design can be done basing the theme on the target audience, whether male or female in the society. The designs should also vary with the target audience too. The teenage needs a more attractive advertisement design as the elderly requires simple designed advertisement designs to capture their attention and read the scripts. Appropriate selection of the most suitable design in relation to the audience will be a necessity, therefore.

Activity 6

Promotion of Eden beauty. Use of visual advertisements will be efficient to use in marketing the Eden beauty. Promotion of Eden beauty products and services are meant to sensitive the female of how beautiful they are and the importance of enhancing their natural beauty for elegance. The personnel to help plan and organize the advertisement is the visual-clip creator, a known member of advertising team along sides a member of the media intended to be used. The skills from this personnel in an advertisement of visual clips will help I n selection of the appropriate color scheme for the advertisement. They will also help in correct wording and selection of graphics whose attraction will be high in relation to the target audience. Besides, my role in the team is to come up with a visual clip for advertising products and services at the Eden beauty. Giving the theme to the advertisement too to the personnel will be my role for them to give their ideologies on the suitable features to include in the promotion clip.

Resources needed for the Eden beauty promotion. The mandatory resources needed for the advertisement if enough finance to cater for the recording of the clips as well as paying those who participate in the visual clips. Also, the fee required to be paid for the promotion in the media is also a resource needed for the advertisement. Therefore, the resources can be got through any means, be it lending a loan or get it from cash wage will be suitable. The reason behind the selects resource source is that the return on investment will be sufficient to refund the fee used for the resources. The action to be taken for the collection of the resources is to ask for tokens from the Eden beauty organization. This will help ensure the resources are available and ready for the promotion.

Activity 7 Future marketing job description.

Roles and responsibilities for a marketing role job description. The marketing individuals needed by organizations are expected to be experienced in other marketing grounds for more than two years. This will guarantee the organizations to trust the personnel with the marketing jobs since they are familiar with what each marketing field experts as well as the target audience. Also, the personnel is aware of the possible challenges in marketing thus will try to their best to avoid the pitfalls thereby in the marketing platforms. Literacy is also a job description requirement for the marketing employees. Therefore, selection of literate recruits will allow the firm allocate them the roles and responsibilities in relation to their areas of interest. These areas include the creation of promotion and marketing scripts, the formation of audio or visual clips for advertising in the available media. Besides, there is numerous marketing role that would be required to be allocated in the near future. The marketing team should play a role of being investigative to know the expectations of their target audience. The comments from the audience on the present advertisements for some organizations will help make adjustments in other marketing advertisements in the near future. Besides, these organizational marketing strategies and advertisements have common features and interests. Therefore, the team will be able to relate the comments with the respective company whose brand or products are being advertised. Moreover, the designing and creation of words and sounds in marketing is also a role of the team in the near future. Therefore, the team will be able to relate effectively as well as ensure continuity and relevance of data for the products and brand being marketed.

Job descriptions. The job description for the marketing officer is as follows. The officer must have worked in marketing for more than three years of experience. He should be conversant with the language that is to be used in the marketing field. He should understand the expectations of each age group audience as well as the respective marketing platforms that will easily reach the target audience. Also, he has to be good at making numerous marketing media scripts and audio or visual files for marketing. Also, the estimated resources for each marketing should be known to him as a way of helping approximate the required resources for the marketing process. As a result, the management will be able to easily ensure that all resources needed are provided in the required proportion.

The job description for a brand manager is as explained. He should be aware and conversant with the functioning of the company. The challenges faced by the firm should be well known to the brand manager for him to work towards resolving them. Also, the brand manager is supposed to be relevant with the symbolization of each feature in the brand mark, which is the logo. Having experience or training in the management of organizations is a key role of the brand manager. This will aid ensure that the management protocol is followed to later as he works towards bettering the management of the brand. Also, the public relation manager should also be aware of the services offered by the specific companies. It will help relate his activates to the requirements of the market on the marketing of the products and services.

Activity 8

Coca Cola organization. A positive image is there for the Coca Cola organization. It has created a great image to the clients in the market as well. The image has been brought about by the advertisements and media the company chose for its brand’s products across the worlds. The relationship with the Coca Cola employees has opened a chance for the management to get the employees views on the promotion ads. Besides, the various ideas given have helped in making a great image for the organization’s products in the market.

An organization with a negative image in the market. The cooking oil producing company has a negative image in the market. It has made the worst selection of graphics that are in contrast to the wordings used in the ads. Use of graphics that show people having luxury does not match what the client’s expectations of the company. Cooking oil advertisement needs to show some foods made using the same oil. Use of the luxury-showing graphics matches least with food making using oils.

Activity 9 Email creation.

Implementation of upcoming promotional activities. In the upcoming promotional activity, much is needed to be implemented from the results and reviews from our target audience after the previous promotion. Through your help to make and plant the implementations, the promotion will be a success. Several areas of weakness have been identified and it’s the hope that through combining ideologies, the upcoming promotion will be a success. These areas include the use of inappropriate media to reach our target audience. Also, designs used in the promotion have been of the letdown to the promotion. The information used in the promotion has not been able to trap the trust of the clients to the brand. After your assistance to make the upcoming promotion a success, help will be submitted in return for your kindness. It is the plan that we partner and help each other market our products. We will allow your organizations to use our marketing platforms to market their brand too as we also use theirs. This will help win our customers as we win yours too thus the development in the organization’s marketability and demand for goods and services. Besides, we will share all we do to get a success in promoting brands, products, and services to various companies.

Activity 10

The necessity of reviewing all promotional campaigns. Taking reviews from the target audience on each promotion campaign will help identify the strengths thereby as well as weaknesses in the promotions. Also, the reviews, which will have clients’ comments, will help identify the desires as well as interests of the customer from the respective organizations. The management will, therefore, be able to make amendments in the next promotions thus improving the quality of advertisement. Recording of information gathered will help other managers who will be assigned to promote the brand assess the progress and the comments too. This will help them not to repeat the same mistakes identified in the previous campaigns.

Other factors to be evaluated by organizations except for cost.

  1. The position of the organization in the market.

The position of the organization is worth consideration in marketing and promoting. Tit involves conduction of a SWOT analysis for the organization. Through conduction of the market research will be necessary since it makes the organization will know the needs of the customer as well as what they value most about the firm and what it offers. As a result, the company will be able to make offerings and pricings that in line with the value displayed by their clients. Creation of a competitive framework will be made a success by the condition of the SWOT analysis that is meant to assess the capability of the organization in the market as well as that of the competitors.

  1. Target audience.

Identification of who the target audience is more important for the organization to consider in making advertisements. After the identification, the company will be able to select the appropriate marketing strategy to follow as well as the right media to use to reach the target audience. The reason behind this is that the aim of the advertisement is reaching their potential clients as well as creating awareness of the brand, products, and services to their customers. If the advertisement does not meet the objectives behind its formulation, then it will be of no use thus a waste of resources.

  1. ROI (Return On Investment)

The company should make an assessment whether the ROI will be attained after the promotion. The research can only be made a success by trying to reach as many people as possible to increase the demand and marketability of the products.

Product awareness survey. The individuals surveyed have heard about the new wilderness wear products in the market. They have received the information from advertisements that are run in the local and international television programs. The promotion strategy used to create awareness of the products as well as market the wilderness wears to their clients has been effective thus meeting its objectives. Also. The use of local television programs, as well as the international ones, can effectively help reach many customers across the nation and the world as well.

Activity 11. Planning process.

The promotion only mentioned the names of the products without the images. Some audience may not know what the tools are and their like. The future addition of graphics for each item will increase the demand for the goods, which will be familiar to the target audience through the graphics. The computer software’s can be used for the creation of ads through the publisher software as docs software be used for creation and editing of magazine ads.

Activity 12

Methods of collection of feedback from customers. There are a number of methods that can be used for collection of feedback from customers. They only differ in their effectiveness, the time taken as well as resources used for the task.

Survey. This has proved successful in collection of feedback from customers. The members of the promotion team are sent to the field to ask questions from individuals on their awareness of the organization. The method they got the awareness is also necessary to be among their comment. Besides, the survey should be recorded as the customers are asked for their comments on the promotion or advertisement. Further, the surveyors should ask from these clients also on their recommendation on future promotions on the same too.

Online comments on the internet.if the advertisement method used is promotion through social media, comments from the viewers are recommended at the end of the ads. This will allow the clients to leave their perception on the promotion as well as comment on their suggestion to any modification. Also, on television advertisement platforms and billboards along side’s audio advertisements, an address should be left for the customer to use to reach the organization. The same address should be used for comments and requests along side’s future expectations of the clients on the firm and promotion ads too.

Effective feedback collection method. The effective method of feedback collection of my preference in the survey. It allows the team collect additional data from the clients. Also, it is the effective method where people can easily use to voice their expectations and preference in the near future from the promotions and products from the respective organizations.

The success of the marketing campaign. From the feedbacks obtained from the clients through the survey, the marketing campaign has managed to influence many audiences to go for the products and services advertised. It has led to reaching many audiences thus winning many to the brand promoted. From the feedback gathered, the use of television ads in promotion is the most preferred marketing platform. Use of effective designs that are attractive to the audience is also a necessity.

Activity 13. Use of media schedule to analyze timelines and cost in the promotion.

The creation of media schedule will help in analyzing the time lines and cost as a way of evaluating the benefits thereby on promotion activities. The media schedule includes the resources needed in the promotion as well as the media to be used in promotion. Further, in it is the time to be taken for the promotion to run in the advertising media. The Return on Investment can also be determined through the media schedule thus showing the effectiveness of the marketing activity. Besides, according to the Tim lines given for the promotion, the data on the purchases are supposed to be recorded. The cost of the resources in comparison to the income recorded is required to be recorded also. The details are important in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the promotional activity. Also, the conclusion of the activities within the promotion timeline will effectively be a determinant to the benefits of promoting the completion of returning tax returns.

Activity 14 quantitative data from the audience.

These are questions that can be used take quantitative data from the audience.

  1. Are you aware of the Eden beauty products?

  2. How did you get the awareness of the organization? What did marketing platforms you get the information from?

  3. What is the perception on the advertisement in relation to the Eden beauty products and services? How effective has the promotion been to market the organization?

  4. What could be your future recommendations on upcoming advertisements on the same?

  5. What another marketing platform seems convenient and effective to use for marketing such products and services?

Recommendations on future promotional activities. It is a recommendation that use of all socializing and official platforms in the digital sector to market the products and services from the organization. As a result, the future promotional activities will be a success after the implementation on the desire and interests of the consumer.


Question 1. Requirements of competition and consumer legislation.

The competition and consumer legislation are aimed at creating the sense of fair trading and promoting competition in the market. For its use, it requires some communication power as well as power over territories for the implementation of the legislation. Also, it intends to stretch to the application of the consumer and competitor’s law by numerous individuals. Besides, it has an antitrust organization in it. The antitrust is meant for securing the clients from fraud advertisements and promotions as well as the illegal use of designs without the concept of the source. It also applies in the detrition of the firm’s practice. These firms are found not to be competitive as expected. They are therefore found to restrict the completion which is free and fair.

Question 2. Tools that can be used to document the overall promotion objectives.

The appropriate tool that can be used to note the overall objectives of promotion include the use of an assessment of the possible outcomes from the objectives. In the document web access is a necessary tool for additional information.

Question 3. Designing marketing objectives.

When designing marketing objectives, one should first look at the outcomes expected as well as maintaining the required measures to take. The marketing objectives have to be time bound as well as being relevant to what is to be marketed. Besides, the marketing objectives settled for should be able to improve the performance of the organization.

Question 4. Press release announcement and its preparations.

The press release is all about the verified statements issued to the magazine and newspaper printing firms. The press release contains details on a specific matter. Identification of the issue, which is the promotion of products and services is all that is needed to be put together.

Question 5. Use of web to support marketing strategy.

The web, which is mostly used for research on the marketing strategies to be used helps support the marketing objectives. It opens a marketing platform for the target audience as well as receipt of feedback from the consumer.



Marketing research methods and findings.

The appropriate method for the research is the survey. It allows the management team to collect data from the field on the market for the products. Also, the firm is capable to learn the state of the market on the products and services basing their research on the competitors in the business. These products and services include goods from the Eden beauty as well as their services too that are intended for enhancement of beauty among the female generation. Use of survey has proved successful in other companies in research. Following the results, it is the recommendation the survey method be adopted for the research. Seven individuals have been chosen randomly from the society to give their responses on their awareness of the company and its products and services. The survey is supposed to require responses in several areas. They include details on the preference of people on products and services from the respective organizations. The quality, interests, and desires of the audience are also among the responses required for the survey.

Findings. From the survey, it is a finding that the audience requires the best quality of products from the organization. Moreover, some amendments on the marketing and production strategy have to be made. As a result, the organization’s production and servicing will be able to reach the interests as well as the client’s desires. Also, use of appropriate marketing strategy will aid reach the target audience effectively. The research conducted shows demand for the products and services in the market thus use of appropriate marketing strategy will aid reduce chances of competition from their competitors. Besides, use of the appropriate design in the branding and promotion of the brand will aid build trust and demand for the products. The target audience in the market is people across all the age groups in the market. The products have no specific users thus the creation of awareness to all people will aid market the products and services effectively. Therefore, the audience has proven to have differing tasted of the products and services at the Eden Company thus the company needs to cater to the demands of each group of their clients. Additionally, the advertisement platforms used for the firm has been effective to create awareness and market the products and services. It is a recommendation that in the near future the marketing team assessed the demands, interests, as well as desires of their potential audience in the market. The interest of the target audience is variated from one age group to the other. Therefore, production of goods and services that meet the demands, desires, and the interests of each respective team will greatly fuel to the development of the organization.

Methods suitable for the following tasks.

Set and communicate promotional goals. The appropriate method that is appropriate for use in the communication and setting if the promotional objectives and roles in the research through the internet from the available articles and journals. The promotion team needs to review the available articles in the internet and journals that give examples of the objectives that have been used by other team members to make their promotions. The communication method applicable here is the holding of meetings frequently with the workers and promotion team to make verification and amendments on the objectives set. The step will ensure the combination of ideologies result to the success of the promotion to the products and services.

Examine the situation and decide on a plan of action.

In an examination of the situations at the market, the team has to interact with the individuals in the market to know the marketability of the services and goods. The understanding of the present market will be a remedy to the examination of the situation. In promotions, the promoting team needs to collect information from the target audience as a way of learning their perception to the products and services. This will help in the examination of the current market and demands by the audience. From the details obtained, consultation from other superior organizations who have succeeded in marketing their products in line with the situation will be appropriate for the decision of plan. The information captured is enough for the decision of the appropriate plan action to be taken, which includes selection of the

Comply with legislation. The suitable method that can be used to aid compliance with the legislation is face to face and telephone methods of data collection. The face to face method allows the team management to identify the confidence in the individuals. As a result, they will be able to determine and evaluate how effective the member can comply with the organizations’ legislation. The legislation governs the promotion of the new product in the market for a specific target audience. The effectiveness of the individuals in marketing will aid determine how able the members can comply with legislation to market the new product to the public.

Allocate roles and responsibilities to individual members of your team. In the allocation of roles and responsibilities, consideration of the individuals’ potency from their academic papers will be of positive effect. Through the review of the applicants and the team’s allocation of roles and responsibilities will be easier. The documents will narrow down to the identification of whether the individual can manage to handle the responsibility or role. Also, consideration of the performance of the team members in the previous tasks in the management will help allocate the individuals with roles according to their hard working character. Besides, the experience that one has in the field greatly determines how effective one can handle a responsibility in promoting the new products in the market.

Determine the resource you will require (including team members). Creation of the medium schedule is the appropriate method to determine the resources needed in the promotion of the new product in the market among other methods. From the medium schedule, all the resources needed in the promotion will be indicated with an inclusion of the respective charges for each. This will narrow down to the evaluation of the highly charged resources in the schedule. Also, among the resources is the advertisement team members. The number of the members needed in the promotion are indicated in the medium schedule. Further, their wage is indicated in the medium scheduled for total summation of the cost required for the resources. The bargain able prices or substitutable resources are also substituted for better quality or cheaper resources.

Set appropriate time lines for the campaign. Identification of the target audience is the first step that ought to be taken in the setting of the appropriate time lines for the campaign. It will narrow down to the selection of the most suitable platform to use for the promotion. As a result, the evaluation of timing starts then. The more the promotion platform is accessible to many audiences, the less time line the promotion will require to be run. If the audience takes time to be reached, then the time line for the promotion campaign of the new products should be longer. It is all to ensure that you have reached the maximum number of audience targeted for the products.

Schedule promotional activities. Identification of the appropriate campaign for the promotion is all one has to start at. Different platforms of campaign promotion involve diverged activities. Therefore, on the identification of the platform, highlight the activities to be involved in the promotional campaign for the new product in the market. After that, the scheduling of these activities follows, where they are orderly outlined for continuous flow of activates. Selection of the inappropriate platform may lead to members being stuck in the middle of the process of scheduling the promotional campaign activities. The scheduling of the promotional activities enables the team effectively create and implement the promotional campaign in the advertisement media effectively.

Describe how you will obtain budget figures and relate actual costs to the budget. Estimation is among the methods that can be used to obtain the budget figures. The method could not be accurate or close to the costs is done without reference. Therefore, referring to other organizations budget for their promotional campaign is of great help. It narrows down the task of finding the assumed figures from the internet or any other inappropriate platforms. Relation to the actual cost to the budget can be done through researching from the web for the actual costs of the actual entries in the budget. As a result, accurate budgeting is arrived through the actual budget figures depending on the advertisement platforms.

Determine the promotional activities that should be planned. In the advertisement of the new product to the public, the platform to be used needs to be planned. The resources needed for the respective platforms’ promotion is also planned. Besides, the budget for the promotion is a necessity before its start. As a result, the management will be able to identify whether the return on investment rule has been accomplished through the promotions.

Document the key messages of the campaign. From the objectives of the campaign and the organization to the advertised, the key message is found. Therefore, identification of the companies’ objectives and goals among mission and vision can help identify the key messages to be included in the campaign.

Identify and select media vehicles. The campaign platform will determine whether any campaign vehicle is necessary for the activity. Therefore if the platform requires use of vehicles, then it should be able to hold the campaign team for the success of the

Set-up relationship/. Networks to assist with the promotion. These networks are determined by the platform to be used to promote the product to the public thus identification of the marketing platform will help set-up relationship.

Monitor the promotion. Keeping checking the graph on the demand of the products within the promotions’ time line is the effective method to monitor the progress of the promotion. Besides, collecting feedback from the target audience can also show the progress of the promotion.

Analyze audience feedback. Through conduction of survey to the target audience will be the leading step towards the collection of feedback. The feedback is to be recorded systematically according to the theme of each comment. Analysis of the audience feedback can be conducted through grouping the related comments together and come up with common feedback data.

Assess the effectiveness of planning processes. The success of the products marketability and sales is a result of the effectiveness of the promotion method used to create awareness to the audience. Therefore, determination of the marketability success is the method suitable to assess the effectiveness of planning process.

Evaluate the results of the promotion draft conclusions and recommendations on future directions of promotional activities. The creation of a team and assuming it is the target audience, and presenting the draft promotional activity script is the start. After the presentation, seeking the perception of the script to them and their preference in future production will aid in the collection of the possible outcomes. The outcomes are then classified as either conclusion, recommendation or future directions for the promotion.

Communicate the success/ failure of the campaign to those involved. Use of meetings with the team members will easily allow communication of the failures and success of the campaigns.

Promotional script-Radio production method.

Promotion of the products by the use of radio local and international stations can effectively ensure the target client is reached. The script for the radio platform for promotion is less complicated and demanding. It does not require the correct choice of attractive designs and graphics thus easy to prepare. Use of fluent and convincing language in the script is all that is required. The correct choice of words can promote the convincing power of the promotion to the potential consumer. It will appeal the audience as well as attract them. An image is created that leaves the audience curious to try the products or services. The promotional activity can be attractive and appealing through radio by wise selection of word and correct use of convincing and persuading languages.