Asignment- 1 Office rocket (topic- the future of newspaper) Essay Example

Asignment- 1 Office rocket (topic- the future of newspaper)

Asignment- 1 Office rocket (topic- the future of newspaper) 1

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Asignment- 1 Office rocket (topic- the future of newspaper) 2


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Future of newspapers



Trends in newspaper…………………1

Future of newspaper industry…….3




Newspaper is a paper with written information of all genre passed around to pass information to its subscribers. They range from those written annually, monthly weekly and daily. They are very dynamic thing that has changed over for the last five centuries with each individual waiting what will be next in the coming world. This report will cover the history of newspaper, the trend and what we expect in the future (Gregory 1936).


Newspaper started as written piece of paper passed by rich merchants on state of economy, war or even social trends. It simply represented the human features. The authors did this for fun and there was deep analysis of things. The first printed newspaper was introduced in Germany in the 1400 which was form of broadsides and was mare representation of people’s ideas e.g. the famous sadist VladTsepesDrakul. The first published newspaper was weekly news of 1922 then London gazette of 1666.from then the newspaper has changed and more have been produced.Shown below is a sample of London newspaper(David 2007)

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Trends in newspaper

Newspaper industry has been faced with different challenges and it has adapted differently to this challenges. The early newspapers were produce in low quality material in black and white color and this has changed in the last decades(Bird,.1991) In this century more creativity has been added this include talking more rather than bringing news. This include having columns such advertisement, health issues and other social issues.

To compete with other sources of information who offer real time information newspaper have introduced online newspaper in which individuals can enjoy at comfort of their homes without to buy bulky papers. Newspapers also to be able to meet the production cost and increase their profit and sales have gone to finding information rather waiting to report as they did. this include exclusive interviews and training materials(Meggs 1992)

This development has included images of higher quality and has focused more on customer satisfaction by entertainment rather pass information. This have been evident in production of quality information and production of magazines who have higher profit and sales compared to newspapers. Currently most newspapersare going paperless due to pressure from the public of environment and also to reduce cost as paper are expensive and also to be able to meet customer needs.

Future of newspaper industry

For newspaper it’s expected to be faced out in coming years but this does not mean that they should give up. As shown in following graphs sales of many newspaperhas reduced drastically.Asignment- 1 Office rocket (topic- the future of newspaper) 12

Newspaper have introduced new technology to cover this include advance marketing strategies such advert on social media and going global by passing information to all. Newspapers are also expected to produce newspapers that can be updated on short time basis. Also newspapers quality has to increase this include pictures of high quality. To ensure they have a way to ensure their guarantee of survivor they should come with subscription such as life time subscription and also specified customer delivery(Rachel 2014)


Newspaper being the oldest means of passing information has developed for the last few years. Its future growth has no limitation due to changing technology and new ideas are expected to come. However, this may result to death of newspapers if unable to meet these standards. According to 1820 he said growth of newspaper depends on newspaper itself.


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