Ashleigh Standley Essay Example


Ashleigh Standley

The Value of my Outline

The outline was helpful to me in a variety of fields. It supports me organize my ideas well on my paper. Also, I was able to eliminate the irrelevant information on my paper. This made my research paper more meaningful and easy to understand for the reader.

My focus was on the benefits of external auditors rather than comparing with the internal auditor. Therefore, I omitted the information on the comparison of internal and external auditors. The module 5.04 guided me in making the outline as it helped first to focuses on testing the thesis statement. Each point I make on the paper has to connect with the thesis statement. Hence, I cross checked each and every sentence to clarify that it aligned with the topic and objective of the paper before I submitted it. As a result, I was able to stay on the subject throughout the outline. Also, my draft will continue to be on the topic.

On my body paragraph, I added more information than I anticipated. Alexis on of my classmates made a good comment that made me think more about the external auditing. Therefore, her comments made me come up with a question that every business would be interested in knowing its answer. “How much would an external audit cost?” On my outline, I made sure to explain the benefits and affordability of external auditors. I counter claimed that external auditing is affordable. I explained my claim using bulletin and explain how external auditors help in organizing finances and saving money. On my biography, I elaborated more on the benefits of external auditors and the costs they save a business such as government fines (Mindedge).


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