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Towards a More Effective Enterprise

With the increasing levels of competition in the market, employees’ motivation has become critical towards the success of the organization. The businesses are in the market to make profits. However, businesses are able to make immense profits only if they deal effectively with the interests of all stakeholders. These are the customers, employees, shareholders and the society. Nevertheless, in order to achieve this objective, it must develop a detailed policy that will enable it to deal with various challenges that keeps on arising in the market. Furthermore, the top-level managers must delegate responsibilities to other employees in order for them to focus more on main challenges that keeps on arising in the market. On the other hand, each level of management should take up their responsibilities in the organization. This is through effective communication and setting the necessary standards of performance which every employee must abide to.

All employees are concerned mainly with how to maintain or improve their levels of motivation. They aim at satisfying their self-interests, i.e. income, prestige, and security. Therefore, the main relationship between the employee and the organization is based on these interests. As a result, in exchange for these interests, subordinates are expected to perform their tasks accordingly. However, the leaders should understand the diversity of the employees. This important in satisfying the interests of the employees and ensure that they remain highly motivated. In addition, they should understand the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. This would be significant in ensuring that employees are assigned duties in their areas of specialization. This is critical in enabling them to maximize their returns. Leaders’ should also understand their functions in order to offer the employees with the correct guidance and support.

Power in the organization should not strain the relation between the top-level managers and the rest of the subordinates. However, it should only enable the top managers to extend their influence and make them feel confidence to handle challenging tasks. Nevertheless, they should not use this power to suppress the juniors. Furthermore, each organization should strive to develop a positive organizational culture. The culture would boost the employees and managers’ self-drive, growth and enhance their levels of creativity. Furthermore, a positive culture would make it possible for the organization to work as a single unit towards a common objective.

Although there has been a lot of emphasis on the need to focus on group motivation, it has been proven that individual motivation is critical in boosting the performance of the employee. The reason is that motivation is internal to an individual. However, group behaviour should be monitored. This is to ensure that they are in accordance with the set goals and objectives. Nevertheless, it is significant to understand that organizations face numerous problems that might affect the unity of the employees. In addition, when introducing changes, the leaders may face intense resistance especially if they fail to involve the employees. This aspect might discourage the employees. Therefore, change is a gradual process and should involve all those who will be affected by it.

One of the main learning points is that employees’ motivation is critical in the overall success of the organization. As a result, the top-level managers should use all means possible to motivate the subordinates. This is through the use of rewards, promotions, and remuneration. On the other hand, the employees are expected to work diligently in order to achieve the set goals and objectives.

The top-level managers are expected to communicate effectively with the employees. They are required to implement an open office policy which would enable the employees to report any issue that might be affecting them directly without the use of the intermediaries.

The managers should create a serene environment for the employees to perform to their maximum levels. This is through addressing any conflict that might affect the morale of the employees. Personally, I would achieve this through delegating some of the responsibilities to these employees in order for them to sharpen their skills and feel appreciated when working in the organization.

With businesses becoming more complex as they expand their markets to different parts of the world in order to reduce the risks and uncertainties associated with focusing on a single market, I would apply the subject matter from this article through improving ways of dealing with conflicts. In addition, I would encourage positive organizational culture which will bring self-drive, teamwork, effective communication, and instil individual discipline in the organization. This would enable me to deal with more complex issues that might affect the organization’s competitiveness in the market.