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Article Review

The article is about travel risks faced by tourists while travelling to other countries. The risks can be as a result of physical injuries or infectious diseases. They account for about 2.4% of the deaths of tourists travelling oversees (Brent, Monica & Bernadette, 2014). The high risks facing tourists is attributed to the location of the destinations in hazard prone areas. The risks can be attributed to lack of precautionary measures by the tourists. In other instances, the tourists believe that nothing will happen to them. The awareness of the risks however leads to some levels of fear among the tourist. The fear of the risks also influences the precautions that the tourists are likely to take. However, the levels of fear vary with some tourists having little or no fear despite the risks that they are likely to face. It is however important to provide the tourists with the information.

Learning points

  • Most tourist destinations are located in remote areas.

  • Lack of precautionary measures as well as ignorance contributes to the risks.

  • Some of the risks such as infectious diseases may be fatal.

  • Information in most cases is available to the tourists.

  • The presence information may cause fear and anxiety among the tourists.

  • The government should continue providing information to the tourists.

Critical analysis

The article provides useful information that may be beneficial to the tourists travelling overseas. According to the article, the tourists are exposed to risks due to the remote location of most tourist destinations. In some instances the tourist may end up with physical injuries as a result of the nature of the destination (Brent, Monica & Bernadette, 2014). The article has also highlighted other aspects such as infectious diseases. The tourists are prone to the infectious diseases as they are not used to the environment. In other instances, it may be as a result of consumption of contaminated food and water. The reasons that have been provided by the article are quite convincing and realistic. Most of the tourists travelling to different destinations in most cases are usually vaccinated in order to prevent the infectious diseases. This information has also been highlighted in the article and it can be used to convince any tourists of the potential danger that they may be faced with when travelling overseas. The article has also provided statistics to support some of its findings which is directly related to the risks. It has indicated that 2.4 % of the tourists ends up dying as a result of the risk (Brent, Monica & Bernadette, 2014).The presence of statistical information are an indication that research was carried put with regards to the problem. Statistical data is considered useful supporting data for a research work. The availability of such statistics may also play an essential role in convincing the tourists of the risk.

Ignorance as well as the underestimation of the risks by the tourist has been cited in the article as one of the factors that contributes to the problem. Some of the tourists believe that nothing will happen to them. The article has cited some theories which highlights why the tourists may fail to take adequate precautions. The support of the information by the theories is also important in explaining why the tourists continue to be exposed to risks despite the presence of the information. A conceptual model of travel risk perception has also been developed in the article (Brent, Monica & Bernadette, 2014).This indicates what motivates the tourists and why they continue exposing themselves to the risks. The individual traits have also been highlighted in the article and it is also associated with the risk perception. The level of fear among the travelers has also been cited as a factor that may influence how the travelers may perceive the information about the risks. The article plays an important role in outlining why the tourist may fail to observe the precautions (Brent, Monica & Bernadette, 2014).The article has however failed to highlight some of the important aspects that is associated with tourism. Most of the travelers always want to have as much fun as possible and this may overshadow the risks. Some of the information provided in the article may also create more fear among the tourists which may discourage them from traveling. However, most of the information in the article is quite convincing and well researched.

Practical implications

The article provides information that has practical implications for the tourists as well as different stakeholders like the government. It is important for the tourists to fully understand the risks that are associated with the destinations that they will be visiting. This may be useful to the tourists in terms of ensuring that they are able to avoid some of the activities that may expose them to risks. The government and other stakeholders in the tourism industry should play a leading role in the provision of the risk information. The information should also be provided in a targeted manner in order to enable the tourists to fully appreciate the risks that they are likely to face. It should be a mandatory requirement that all the tourists should be provided with the risk information before travelling to any tourist destination. The provision of information as well as brief training may be useful in countering ignorance among the tourists travelling to different destinations (Brent, Monica & Bernadette, 2014). All the risks in the tourist destinations should also be documented in order to create a full understanding among the tourists. The injuries or accidents that have taken place in specific tourists’ destinations must also be documented. The documentation may provide the tourists with clear information about the accidents. The information should also be used to counter negative perceptions as well as fear associated with travelling to certain destinations. The health and safety of the tourists may be improved with the availability of the information.

Other comments

Although there are a lot of risks associated with different tourist destinations, it does not mean that the destinations should not be visited. The risks should also not prevent the tourists from having fun while visiting the tourist destinations. However, the most important aspect is to ensure that the necessary precautions should be taken by the tourists. The tourists must ensure that their health and safety comes first before having fun. It is also important for the tourist guides and their companies to emphasize on the aspects of safety.


Brent W. R., P. Monica, C., & Bernadette M. W. (2014).»It Can’t Happen to Me: Travel Risk Perceptions» In Tourists’ Behaviors and Evaluations, pp 65-73.