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Diversion Programs

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Diversion Programs

Libs youth crime backdown” is an article authored by Farrah Tomazin. It is tailored to expound on the crimes that are committed by juveniles. Farrah suggests that the offenders should be accumulated into other diversion programs instead of taking everyone to jail. Sustaining the lives of the incarcerated children is cumbersome and expensive. The new sufficient diversions should be used for they are economical and efficient. The prices of supporting one bed in a juvenile jail are estimated at $500 per day nationwide compared to investments done on diversion programs; $14 — $ 19 daily. The rehabilitation will help the country’s GDP to grow due to reduced expenses.

However, the diversions are not meant to alienate the offenders from taking responsibility for their actions. The improved diversion programs should be all inclusive to ensure that the victims feel taken care. The police should facilitate the meeting of the offender and the victims to try and iron the differences. Jesuit describes this push as a pleasant surprise as he highlighted some of the significant improvements to be done. The welfare advocates were okay with the suggestion, but the victims warned them against been too soft on the offenders. However, there were serious crimes that warrant jail as long as we advocate for diversion programs as Victims Support Association stipulated it.


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