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Article Analysis 5

Article Analysis

Article Analysis

The article describes how fast food consumers have become accustomed to ordering food from the comfort of their homes and workstations. The collaboration between Pizza Hut and Microsoft seeks to offer Xbox users a unique way of placing orders for fast food from the restaurant. The two firms are offering their clients a unique food ordering solution which is combined with a gaming console to improve their service experience. This paper will analyse marketing approaches the two firms are using to offer unique services to their customers which correspond to their lifestyles.

The two firms took time to research on lifestyle patterns of game lovers who are not satisfied with other ordering systems. The system is designed to ensure users do not strain as they order meals from their Xbox gaming consoles. This is the unique selling proposition (USP) of the service because it enables customers to enjoy benefits which are not offered by other fast food chains. The food ordering system has been designed to offer comfort and convenience to clients to make them more loyal to the two firms (Tuttle 2013). In effect, the two firms have targeted a niche market segment that is strongly attached to the gaming culture, which has a large number of people that prefer to order meals from fast food establishments. Pizza Hut and Microsoft have realised that consumers in these market segment have unique consumption habits which are mainly influenced by their lifestyles (Panda 2008, p. 87).

The firm has been able to uncover market information which shows there are many fast food consumers that prefer a convenient ordering system which does not distract them from their activities. The approach adopted by the two firms focuses on making the service user-friendly to ensure it satisfies unique needs and expectations of gaming lovers. As a result, both Microsoft and Pizza Hut have included revolutionary features in the Xbox 360 that are customised to offer clients a good service experience. These features have made the ordering process more enjoyable because clients have an opportunity to order as they play games on their Xbox consoles. The two firms understand the market and their customers which have allowed them to take steps to make changes in the way they deliver fast food (Kolb 2008, p. 76). They have taken note of different trends in the market to come up with delivery services which satisfy their clients’ needs.

The two firms have adopted an effective product positioning strategy to make them more competitive in their respective industries. In essence, the service which is enabled through the Xbox device has become successful because both firms understand the external market environment they are operating in (Karadeniz 2009, p. 104). The service is integrated with Facebook and allows users to share their experiences on the social networking platform. In effect, this service gives consumers an opportunity to establish close relationships with both firms. This opens room for Pizza Hut and Microsoft to initiate effective customer relationship management strategies. Through constant interactions with their clients, they are able to find out which areas need improvements to enable them offer high quality services to their clients.


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