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Marketing 4


April 3, 2011.

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a planning process that recognizes the added value of a complete plan which evaluates the tactical roles of a variety of communication disciplines (Yeshin, 1998). It involves the coordination and integration of all marketing sources, tools and avenues within a company into a program that maximizes the impact on consumer at a reduced cost. For Coles Company to meet its communication objectives such as creation of brand awareness and increasing its acceptance, it must launch an MIC campaign. This will involve using various MIC tools and appropriate elements (Yeshin, 1998).

Messages are normally created in order to update and persuade the target audience of the brand. There should always an appeal, a theme and a unique selling position that is capable of influencing the heart and stimulating the mind of the audience. The various types of appeals that can be used in integrated marketing communication include rational, moral and emotional appeals (Copley, 2004). However, the best type of appeal that the company can use is the emotional appeals. Emotional appeal relates to personals’ psychological and social needs for buying certain products and services. Emotional appeals like heroism, escape, fantasy, family love, achievement and humor have universal appeal to the consumer. This appeal will elicit some emotional response of feeling good like laughter and fear from the message recipient (Copley, 2004).

The message to communicate the emotional appeal must be well structured. The arrangement of the message and its formulation is a vital activity in the integrated marketing communication (Copley, 2004). The message is structured by words or sentences so as to communicate the appeal. The Coles Company deals with food products and can use a message like ‘finger liking food products’ to communicate the emotional appeal. There are different media that the company can use to create and disseminate the messages to the target customer. Radio and TV are the best media that the company will use to reach its customers. Radio is affordable and has a wider coverage while TV can allow for the repetition of the message (Copley, 2004).

An integrated marketing campaign contain several elements namely the SWOT analysis, situation analysis, campaign strategy, media plan, communication strategy, campaign evaluation among others. However, the most appropriate for Coles Company campaign is the communication strategy. This element involves the research analysis done on the message development (Yeshin, 1998). It also include the creative theme and as well as the different tactics and executions. Communication strategy is the most important element in this company. This is because it ensures that there is creative message content and an appropriate structure. Moreover, it involves the development of the message format and selection of the channel or media to communicate the advertising appeal to the targeted customers (Yeshin, 1998).

Personal selling is one of the many marketing communication activities. It can be defined as the process of person-to-person communication between a salesperson and a prospective customer in which the former learns about the latter’s needs and seeks to satisfy those needs by offering the prospective customer the opportunity to buy something of value as a good or service (Cant & Heerden, 2005). For Coles Company, personal selling is the feasible option for marketing their products. This is because it is more flexible, it will build relationships, the company will get immediate response and it will also allow for more efficient communication interchange. However, the company may avoid it since it is relatively expensive and may also involve unethical practices (Cant & Heerden, 2005).


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