Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis Essay Example

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Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis


Apple Inc. is an American corporation with multinational branches. Apple Inc. focuses on the manufacture, design and sale of electronics services and software such as personal computers to consumers. Over the years, the corporation has undeniably experienced a humongous growth especially after its release of iPod mp3 player in 2001 (Coveney, 2013, pp.408). Today, Apple Inc. is arguably the most competitive electronics company all over the globe.

SWOT Analysis

Apple Inc. did not become the most revered electronics company overnight, but through strategy and proper planning, it has risen through the ranks (Apple, Inc. SWOT Analysis
Journal 2015). Some of its strengths include;


This corporation has managed to maintain customer’s loyalty and to maintain an expanded closed system since around the globe.


Apple Inc’s top notch innovation and ability to keep up with the advancements of mobile device technology has been one of its greatest assets.

Financial Records

The corporation has managed to maintain an admirable and steady financial conduct in terms of cash, gross profit margin and debt management.

Brand Reputation

This has been made possible by the fact that Apple Inc only hires the best and knowledgeable sales ambassadors that are aware of the brand in addition to quality customer experience right from the headquarters to the retail stores.

Resilience marketing and advertising strategies has also played a huge role in strengthening the Apple brand.


• Overpricing as compared to competition

• Incompatibility with other Operating Software

• Limited market share

• Infringement issues that tend to tarnish the brand’s name

• Extended decline in gross margin


Apple as a multinational corporation with financial capabilities and man power has the capacity to continuously develop new products and also penetrate old and emerging markets all over the world. The opportunities at Apple Inc. disposal relates more to the ability of the company to continuously evolve in products development and having the capability to market the products to new markets.

Threats Faced by Apple Inc.

Naturally, all multinational corporations are faced by global challenges every once in a while, and Apple Inc. is not an exception. Some of its evident global challenges include;

  • Penetrating new markets (Newlands, & Hooper.). Some analysts have argued that this could affect Apple stock in a way.

  • Stiff competition is another global challenge that has afflicted Apple Inc. especially given that its archrival, Samsung is gaining acceptance in the exact nations that Apple is trying to pitch tent.

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