Anth 202 lecture summary 3/TPG Essay Example

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Name________________________________ Date___________________

  1. Niga- Vital strength

  2. Purba- Double

  3. Cuna- Animate of niga and purba

  4. Lele- Soul

  5. Cuerpo jefe- Chief body

  1. Song constitutes psychological manipulation” How can a song act as a cure?

  2. How does myths and cure relate? “Woman get healed after believing on myth”

  3. Why is the relationship between germ and disease external to the mind of patient?

  4. Why is the relationship between germ and disease external to the mind of patient?

It is about the effectiveness of symbolism laying emphasis on shamanistic curing and problem of theoretical interpretation.

He obtained information from elderly informant of his tribe

They put together by training collaborators from natives. They carefully revise the text in native language and Spanish.

The article was based on qualitative and comparative structure.

The research was based on textual since texts were passed from one successor to another thus no opportunity to observe or participate.

The material narrates about myths which cannot be quantified and invisible, these myths are different from one culture to another unlike material on subject like chemistry which is constant and involves matter which is visible and can be quantified.

It is informative since we are able to understand that world of symbolism is infinite with varied content but limited in laws since each language always has its own laws so similarity of laws is limited.

I was able to learn that psychoanalysis is modern version of shamanistic techniques since there is no room mythical time. Psychoanalysis gives more understanding on theoretical understanding and foundation better reason for effectiveness by comparing methods and goals with those of its precursors.

I think myth and action always forms a pillar always associated with the duality of the patient and healer. In that healer performs the action while the patient performs his myths


Individual body

Experience far” medical system- Azande

Experience near” medical system- Biomedicine

Fallibility of sense (Mind- Immaterial, body-material and soul found in pineal gland )

Placebo; when a person dies of fright of thinking he is beaten by a venomous snake but in real sense it is not venomous

Nacebo; an example is when a person taking drug to heal a specific disease develop side effect e.g. allergy or ulcers for medicine with potassium

Placebos responder= Personality with low ego-strength

We are responding to the meaning

Autonomous response

Specific response

Meaning response

Those with multiple perspectives gave traumatic effect more meaning and more meaning equals to more healing.