Answering the two learners Essay Example

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Responses to the learners

Response to 1st learner

The learner was keen on understanding the positive arguments by Joe on disruptive innovation risks. The learner noted the different steps that are necessary for innovation and categorically picked on the idea that it is better to take small steps before making any conclusions about innovations. Through the speech, the learner identified that despite the challenges that might come with inventing a given innovative idea in place; the benefits for the success of the idea must always good. It is upon the innovators to major on the benefits that are associated with taking the risk than having fear for the risks. The learner was at good understanding and correctly narrated the example that was offered by Joe through provision of the benefits and the challenges for the innovation.

Response to 2nd learner

The second learner generally viewed the speech offered by Joe to be an overview of whatever Hartford offers to Google as their partner in disruptive innovation. The learner argues that the philosophy of the two companies is basic for the disruptive innovation which needs the balance strategy with innovations. The learner realizes that primary focus of strategy in the company is investing on the employees and promoting efficiency as well as ensuring data security. The companies offer protection of programming and storage of information through the use of embedded software which offers the maximum security. The learners associate the example through provision of data with the idea that once the driver gets into the car, accidents are probably to occur which can be reduced through autonomous driving. The support of the learner is provided towards supporting the idea of autonomous driving.