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Evidence based medicine is the trend that has been seen in the US in the recent past. This has made scientist to be in the frontline of ensuring that the kind of medication and the healthcare system in the US is one of the best. The scientist have been able to do research to ensure the methods and ways of handling the healthcare in the whole country is proven and has no impact in the long-term. The changes that have been seen in the recent past in the healthcare due to evidence based medicine are as following. There has been quick response to situations due to the already existing researches about the situations. The medical field has seen great transformation in the way administering of the different methods that are able to counter different situations. There has been situations that have been contained in advance due to the advanced research that has been undertaken over time.

The issue of evidenced based medicine has been perfected with the use of technology in various situations. It has been easy to link health, research and real life situation due to the organization that has been brought by the evidence based medicine and technology. The complexity of the healthcare system has been simplified that has resulted to several changes as a whole. However, more research based on the real research done should be embraced to ensure that the healthcare system is daily moving towards the right direction. More research should be done on technology to see how further it can assist in developing the healthcare system.