Answering the banning of toys in Happy Meals Essay Example

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Macdonald’s Company Unethical Codes of Marketing

MacDonald’s is one of the leading fast foods sellers in the country, and their involvement in the fast foods marketing is of late drawing a lot of complains from the local stakeholders. The marketing code of conduct involved that the company markets its products does not adhere with the ethics in marketing. MacDonald’s is of late being criticized for its involvement in attracting children in selling happy meals. From the video, the company is violating the marketing code of ethics in two ways, one way is by using toys which attract children who are highly discouraged to be the audience to be targeted buy any form of advertisement. Targeting children is wrong since they don’t make decisions, but their parents. In this way the company uses the toys to lure children into their shops so as to buy the happy foods.

Another way in which the comp any is violating the marketing code of conduct is by marketing and selling unhealthy foods to underage persons. The company is highly motivated to make profits, with little concern on who the targeted risk bearers are. Selling unhealthy foods to children is wrong and does not conceal with the marketing code of ethics. The company violates it by selling these foods to the children who are in turn attracted by the toys the company displays. The county council of Santa Clara is highly concerned about the actions taken by the company to lure children into their products.

In own views, the county council of Santa Clara and the neighbouring san Francisco are right on their regulation of hoe the happy meals companies can do their marketing. The county council move to ban the marketing and usage of toys to lure the children is acceptable. This regulation will see the company devise from using toys to lure children. The task of what the children eats is left to the parents. This move will see the levels of obesity reduce in the county.