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If a few years ago someone told you that it was possible to communicate with someone who in another continent not only using audio but with a visual too, you would probably laugh in their face. But today this is a reality that we have seen and lived thanks to the innovations in the tech world and there is no telling what next the innovators will bring to the table. Just when you thought life couldn’t get any easier another mind blowing innovation is made to simplify life even further.

Take for example the cicret bracelet. If you thought the tablet was ‘it’, you thought wrong. If you thought slim smart phones were the ultimate mobile solution, you too my friend thought wrong because here comes the cicret bracelet, just like a tablet, but on your skin (cicret, 2014). That’s right, on your skin.

The cicret bracelet physically would pass for any average bracelet but with the flick of a wrist, your arm turns into a touchscreen, just like tablet. The technology behind this amazing device is it uses picoprojecters to project the interface (from you mobile, tablet and any other device) on your arm and an array of eight miniature proximity sensors to replicate onto your arm an image on your device screen as well as detect swipe, pinch, tap and zoom functions. When you put your finger on the interface, you block one of the eight proximity sensors. The sensors then sends information back to the cicret bracelet which is your processor.

The device has amazing components including a low energy Bluetooth to communicate with your device. This means that you could take a call just by the flick of your wrist rather than having to walk or reach out to where your mobile device is. You can also access files on your device such as music, photos, eBooks, messages etc. It also provides for Wi-Fi connectivity meaning you have access to the internet on the go. It also comes with an inbuilt memory card and ROM as well as a vibrator. It also has a micro USB port, accelerometer as well as a picoprojector.

Moreover, the cicret bracelet is water resistant. You can use your device in the swimming pool, bath tub with zero damage to it guaranteed. It is also durable and works on all skin types and colours from white to black to Asian to Caucasian.

The cicret bracelet is without a doubt the future of mobile devices and popular UK newspaper Daily Mail shares the same sentiments stating that the French company might in future give Apple a run for its money (Daily Mail, 2014, December 12).Even though the device is yet to be mass produced; the prototype shows that it is indeed promising. It is less prone to theft since it is on your arm and would easily pass for an ordinary bracelet. More importantly, it makes all you files and applications available to you anywhere and at any time while relieving the burden of carrying around your device. You can check your emails, the weather forecast, breaking news, catch up with friends of social media on the go.

Due to its easy accessibility, users are bound to use the device more often than they do now with the current devices. This is going to be an advantage to advertisers who use blogs and other internet pages as well as applications to advertise using pop-ups. Advertising using notification of new products or services will also be more efficient since users almost always have their device with them.


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