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Management communication

I believe that thought influences how language is used since when using language, a person is obliged to stipulate certain forms of information. People are forced by thought to become attentive to certain details in a language. The habits of a speech are normally cultured from childhood; therefore, thought influences not just language but also a person’s associations, memories, and feelings. How the world is perceived by people is often influenced by linguistic relativity.

Self-concept can be described as individual’s hypotheses, assumptions and self-beliefs. Therefore, the self-concept of a person is the opinions’ entirety that the person deems to be true with regard to their existence. Therefore, self-concept is influenced by language in the sense that self-concept levels are likely to increase in the early stages of learning the language. The level of anxiety among the language learners is inclined to be higher, particularly when talking a foreign language. A Korean Student at an Australian university, for instance, that speaks English as a second language is likely to be anxious when making a presentation or answering a question in the classroom. Anxious reduces the ability of a person to speak a certain language.

According to University of Canberra (44), a message can be grouped into a five-part structure;

  • Attention statement
  • Introduction2013
  • Conclusion
  • The residual message

Attention Statement: In the article by Janda, the author grabs the readers’ attention by using an attention-grabbing headline “Population growth masking Australia’s economic weakness”.

Introduction: Janda
introduces his article by demonstrating how Australians are still moving backwards on various measures of wellbeing and income as high rates of immigration result in weak economic growth.

Body: In this part, the author focuses more on the findings of a report conducted by Commonwealth Bank, which established that the high immigration intake in Australia would result in economic weakness. The report established that young people are facing greater deterioration in real wages.

Conclusion: The author concludes by emphasising that the policy decision for high immigration intake can only be realised if it is accompanied by commensurate public investment growth in.

Residual message: The author stresses that Australia the existing public infrastructure stock has to be improved in order to ultimately improve the country’s living standards.

In Potvin fashion book, the author utilises numerous jargons like Haute Couture, which signifies the making of custom-fitted, exclusive clothing. The author has also used Prêt-à-porter to connote factory-made or mass-produced clothing, commonly sold in finished condition and standard sizes. Other jargons used include Fast Fashion (designs moving from catwalk swiftly to seize present fashion trends), High Fashion (making custom-fitted clothing), and Warp & Weft (the process of creating clothing).

My writing has been by self-concept influences in relation to the value of perceived writing as well as writing apprehension. I have realised that writing task improves my physiological functioning, general functioning, and physical health. Self-concept determines the writer’s ability to correctly spell all words in a narrative. Self-concept in writing can result in self-worth decisions associated with the writer’s self-perception.

As pointed out by University of Canberra (63), listening is not unintentional; rather, it is purposeful and concentrated. Therefore, listening needs both motivation and effort. People are utilising different listening styles, but they depend on their preferences and purpose. Empathic Listening is one style of learning that involves listening and responding to other people which result in improvement of mutual understanding and trust. Another style is Appreciative Listening, where people listen purposefully. Other styles include selective listening and critical listening.

Communication is influenced psychological noise since it prejudices the reception of the message. In addition, it influences effective communication by affecting the mind’s ability to understand and interpret the message that has been communicated. A number of strategies which can be utilised to reduce the psychological noise effects include repetitive message communication to allow for message reception and provide transparency to the audience with the aim of enabling them to understand the underlying message. Other strategies include message communication in environments with a less psychological noise like the magazine ads’ white space.

Street Lane

Date: 17th July 2017.

Dear Customers

Following a survey across Melbourne with reference to the Purchasing System in various organisations, MYI is delighted to introduce a new product known as POP System, which is online purchase order system software that would enable all companies regardless of their size to optimise their purchasing system.

POP System provides you everything you need from attracting new customers to reducing costs of services. Improved connectivity across Melbourne would enable companies to use this product competently and competitively.

Our company’s motto is providing quality services. POP System would offer all companies an interface with their customers based on sales and satisfaction.

The Mr Eliot, the company’s manager, will communicate with you in two days’ time to offer more details. We are certain that our new product would further improve our working relations

Thank you

Yours Sincerely,

Romney Monroe

I would like to provide chicken meat products to KFC, MacDonald’s, Harris Farm Markets, Woolworth, and Supabarn Supermarkets. The chicken products would be supplied to these five companies. Furthermore, the company would be offering processed and semi-cooked products like Chicken bologna, Chicken roll, Chicken frankfurter, and many others. The selected companies are viable customers because they sell different chicken products to their customers.

A Long resume can only be justified for job seekers who have held different positions in different companies and they feel two-page limit is somewhat limiting. A person who has worked for more than five companies is inclined to have a lot of information to include in his/her resume. Furthermore, a long resume is justified for people with ‘product profile’ which has diverse experience and skills, particularly when it is challenging to summarise different talents devoid of overlooking many attractive selling points.

The focus of the informative speech about tattoo would be on explaining the ancient and contemporary form of modifications in the body and the reasons that make people have tattoos and the reasons behind their popularity. Providing the speech to middle school children creates the need to make the speech structure simple and clear. Therefore, the conversational language will be used rather than formal language. While giving the informative speeches to a group of college students, it is imperative to approach the audience ideas about the tattoos and then offering them an opportunity to share their views and offer feedback.

Utilising Contrast Principle

Greetings, I am Elijah and I want to demonstrate to you how Twitter has turned out to be beneficial as compared to SMS. Twitter has changed my life since it offers me a platform to communicate with a larger audience using only 140 characters. Twitter has enabled me to improve relationships with other Twitter users. On the other hand, sending SMS is not only expensive but also time-consuming.

Thank You.

Utilising Time Principle

Greetings, my name is Elijah, I am here today is show you why the emergence of Twitter was the best thing that ever happened to us. Before social media, life was exceedingly difficult because communication was costly and time-consuming. These days, people are utilising Twitter to talk to their friends and families virtually rather than physically.

Thank You

The Walking Dead and Z Nation are two television programs, which look somewhat similar but very different. Z Nation
is a cheaper version of The Walking Dead. Afterazombie apocalypse,Z Nation visualize visualises an epic struggle experienced by some people while trying to save the civilisation while the Walking dead envision a group of people trying to survive in walkers (zombies) dominated the world.

During the Macworld Expo that happened in 1997, the Steve Job announced that Apple and Microsoft were entering into a partnership, whereby Macintosh would use Internet Explorer as the default browser. Steve Jobs’ speech was extremely effective since he enabled the public to understand about the partnership considering that the two companies are rivals.

A key social issue in countries like the U.S. and Australia is Inequality, and despite implementation of policies to promote equality, the number of minorities groups such as aboriginal in Australia and blacks in the US employed in the companies is exceedingly low. All people must be given equal opportunity regardless of their ethical backgrounds and this can be achieved through the introduction of strict laws that would coerce companies to employ a certain percentage of people from the minority groups in its workforce.

There are various products which I am sure I will never buy; for instance, I cannot buy a golden watch that normally utilises the principle of scarcity. For instance, a golden Quartz watch goes for $1999 on eBay, but they decide to offer a 24-hour discount; thus the watch will retail at $1790.

In the information age, time has become an important communication factor because it allows for online trading and business. In the stock market, for instance, it has become easier for a person to enter the market before its closure. Thanks to the information age, people can make quick decisions and communicate more hastily.

Opening a fast food joint as market growth strategy could be successful if the business owner maintains a positive relationship with the local press. To be successful and for the media to give me a valuable PR coverage, I would befriend the journalists and editors by giving them what they want (figures, pictures as well as facts). More importantly, I will allow them to interview me.

In an employment interview, the interviewer and the interviewee are provided with sufficient information to establish whether the candidates’ qualifications and skills set are suitable for the vacant position.

The majority of conflicts in a team often arise between storming and the norming stages; for that reason, I believe that a non-member could help reduce the building tension and arising conflicts by providing unbiased views and suggestions which could enable the members of the group work to work collaboratively devoid of conflicts.

I would prefer working in a group or team rather than individually because teamwork or group work results in higher quality outcomes, which is thoughtful and effective. Furthermore, in teamwork, there is mutual support and it is possible to realise more competencies as compared to a person working individually.

I admire the former president of United States, Barrack Obama because he was elected as the first black president in U.S. and was an inspiration to the majority of minority groups across the world. His democratic style of leadership is worth emulating.

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