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Management Communication Exercise

Management communication

  1. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC uses point of view from previous understanding to form experiences. For example, on February 4, 2016, she said that ‘People feel the Bern in Bernie Sanders but I think he is populist hero forever’. Although she wants to be open-minded and independent in self-expression, it was reasonable for her to frame a discussion with a neutral stance. I think any speech to mass audience that seeks to inform should be free from overt interpretation. She should be able to frame her discussion without biased speech.

  2. Informative speech is meant to communicate information for the audience to understand. The communicator is interested in the needs and respect among listeners. On the other hand, a persuasive speech is where the communicator gauges attitudes, beliefs and interests of the audience. For example, in a speech about purchasing decisions and customer brands, the speaker assumes that the audience understands the topical issue but not in the case of informative speech. Persuasive speech seeks to change perception and attitudes of a product to be favorable in the minds of buyers.

  3. MSNBC hosts a program about ‘correction of habitual drug offenders’, where the producer intends to change common perceptions about drug addicts. In this case, the citizens are led to change their common perceptions about drug users. In CNN, the speech maker is on the same issue is more inclined to sharing meaning by providing information they have gathered about drugs. However, the two TV stations prefer a point of view which they can authoritatively show the challenges of drug use over a long period of time.

  4. Nuclear-News on 29 June, 2016 regrets how GE Hitachi has failed to win the Indian market ( The article shares information about the reasons why India could not buy the nuclear reactors. The Indian government maintains that the atomic reactors lack reference plants which reflects poorly on safety concerns. The article is a piece of persuasive speech that assists the readers to understand the reasons why the reactors could not be installed. However, it did not interpret the meaning of ‘reference plant’ which to me should have been well elaborated in form of informative speech.

  5. British American Tobacco (BAT) manufactures sportsman that is used by the up market and middle class smokers. In selling this product this target market, I begin with marketing mix then threats to product brands. First, the quality of ‘Sportsman’ cigarette produced in the company takes priority. Second, the pricing and packaging of the product follows so as to create a strong brand image among buyers. Third, I would have to address the outlets that sell this product and lead customers to those points. Fourth, I will address the laws government smoking and how to be a lawful intermediary or smoker. Finally, I will work on the health issues associated with smoking.

  6. In the early 20th century, there was greater exploitation and suppression of women in business and political spheres. Many management boards had few or no female representatives. However, the growth of women activism and affirmative action has seen these boards constitute at least 30 percent women representation. I think the determination by women by using protests, conferences and the media helped to change male attitudes and values. Indeed, women used conferences and contributed a lot in print and electronic media so as to persuade the world about their plight.

  7. The principle of persuasion is very strong among potential buyers. For example, a customer who bought ‘Colgate’ for the first time may become a testimony on the benefits of the toothpaste. When more customers use this product, they will always be recommending to friends. I think the principle of consensus works always because people rely on their friends and family members to make purchase decisions. When many people give positive accounts and testimonies of the product, it makes them to be assertive and persuasive. I am also vulnerable to this principle of consensus especially in buying commodity products.

  8. There is this commercial about ‘Pepsi’ which is aimed at rivaling the popular ‘Coke’. I think the ad is meant to develop tolerance of alternate perspectives, stimulate and increase consideration of the buyers. Currently, Pepsi is keen taste and quality that is almost similar to Coke brands. However, Coke has huge brand power and market share. I think I would have to convince the audience to change their judgment, values and attitudes about the Pepsi brands. I will attempt to show that the new Pepsi brand is formidable, strong and flawless.

  9. Discontinuance is more difficult than deterrence to control. This is because the former challenges the audience to stop using the product while the later attempts to prohibit the audience from making an attempt to start using the product. For example, women who regularly use skin bleaching products may be encouraged to stop using the product. However, being a discontinuance issue, it will be difficult to stop users from using the product. On the other hand, deterrence will be easier when a presentation on the negative consequences of bleaching agents is aired to women audience.

  10. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs start with physiological needs at the base of the pyramid to the aesthetic needs at the apex. Three years ago, I was concerned about my self-image and how my colleagues viewed my position has having no partner and established hobbies. Once I got a soul mate and got elevated to a middle-level management position, I realized that I need the freedom to make decisions at workplace as I do with my friends. As I moved into the self-actualization level, I noticed I needed to achieve and be recognized. In future, I will build teams and motivate others.

  11. Persuasion can be ethical if it remains logical and realistic. However, it can be a fallacy and full of half truths and falsehoods. For example, a cosmetic product that is seen as critical in making the skin smooth and flawless can be sold to women. Yet, the faces of women gracing the top of beauty magazine resulted from photoshop and carefully choreographed stunts. Although the product is appealing and persuasive, it carries false statements or fallacious arguments. I think advertisers should be ethical in communicating brand messages to the audience.

  12. Elevator speech

Hello to you. What is it?

I am happy to meet you. I’m working for Polo shirts and we have this amazing sweatshirt that is really amazing. It is unrivalled and given you great value for your money. Try it! You will live Polo. It is wonderful, affordable, stylish and seamlessly thought out. For your company and family, you need it. Give me a call.

I found this elevator speech to be eye opening and good for ‘breaking the ice’ with new customers. I think it is an opportunity to use the shortest time to create attention and interest in the potential client.

  1. The online elevator speech is that of financial advisor in The message is strong and persuasive in that debtors can find their way out of the burden. The speech has an attention statement, introduction and call for action. However, it has no body and conclusion. While it claims to save monthly bills of clients by $450 in 9 months, it does not provide a testimony or how it is done. I believe that a good elevator speech should have an attention statement, introduction, body, conclusion and residual message.

  2. Non-verbal communication has more to do with perception and body language resulting from verbal communication. The former enhances our understanding of communication in that use of non verbal communication enhances our contextual expectations. For example, a subordinate may say ‘Hey Jack! I did find the files you requested’. The facial response from Jack by grinning can be interpreted as that the junior was inconsiderate or rude. This means that the formality of the environment can determine the nature of non-verbal responses.

  3. I like spending my time work, being with family, attending friend’s parties, watching national geographic videos, and walking my dog in the woods. I value work, family, friends and self-reflection. The list matches especial on work, family and self reflection. I like working and giving my best then work life balance. I also like meeting new friends and getting to know nature and what it offers. I believe that relationships take time and I devote my time in getting to know people who we share common values, insights, attitudes and orientation.

  4. Time is an important factor in communication in the modern world. In this information age, social media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and WhattApp as well as email and mobile phones have hastened communication between the sender and the recipient. Unlike in the past where postage letters and telegrams could take longer time, emails are the game changer. For example, an American customer in Dallas can order a Toyota car in Tokyo and pay online and wait for delivery in a few days. Moreover, any concerns about the product are addressed through chats or mobile phone calls.

  5. Nonverbal communications have rules governed by a certain language and culture. For example, Jaguar Land Rover gave its name to the popular British automobile brand. This was derived from the powerful carnivore in the jungles of South America which is more ferocious and mystical. The explicit assumption is that everyone knows the behavior of the animal. The underlying meaning is given in the way people have to perceive the car as having the same strength and veracity as did the animal.

  6. Agenda: Business meeting updates

Ref/05/16: Quarterly sales report

One sales agent suggested that there should be an increase in sales budget and greater focus on social media as new form of marketing. The sales department requires data on the number of consumers within the population, product price, and target market, number of outlets, promotional campaigns and reactions from customers. This information is obtained from sales and marketing officer or the sales manager. The sales manager has relevant data in MS Excel that can be valuable for data visualization.

  1. A fast food company requires a good understanding and strong relationship not only with the local customers but also the local media. First, the company needs to approach the media and request for fair publicity and that the company will be socially responsible. Second, in the context of mass media, there is need for gate keeping and agenda setting. This means that various avenues such as social media and newspapers in the locality can dramatize the benefits of introducing a fast food restaurant in the vicinity.

  2. During crisis, people tend to create barriers, distract or interrupt. Often, it is possible to encounter misinterpretation and miss on the very essence of communication. For example, a manager who shouts to the juniors when quarter reports are required to be submitted to the top management is likely to get a backlash. In this time of crisis, it is important that the communicator becomes concise and clear while the receiver accepts and understands the news. Moreover, the receiver and the business should have mutual respect, trust and reduce anxiety that is related to negative news.

  3. Self-disclosure is when customers are able to communicate their inner self starting from the superficial and later to the core. For example, customers may superficially be seen as buying stimulants for breakfast. In intimate case, it can be found that a number will take tea instead of coffee. When further interviewing the customers at personal, it can be found that the same customers would want to take white tea with sugar. On getting to the core, it will be found that people take tea three times a day.

  4. Employment interviews benefit the interviewer and the interviewee. To the interviewer, it is time to get answers to the questions regarding company human resource objectives, required skills and competencies and whether the candidate have the right qualifications. They should show patience and appreciation for attending the interview. On the part of the interviewee, he or she expects little interruption while responding to the questions even after a long pause. They also should show clarity, cooperation and respect to the interviewer.

  5. The strategies for managing conflict are avoidance, defensiveness vs. supportiveness, empathy, face-saving and gunny sucking. Supportiveness and face-saving strategies are favorable. This means that discussion is kept professional and supportive by choosing to work with the message and not the messenger. On the other hand, face-saving strategy has to do with separating messages and protecting credibility from the messenger. For example, one may say ‘How can we improve the share ratio that dropped last week?’ This question is trying to be supportive and save-face of the persons who are responsible.

  6. I would go with Theory Z which is a combination of both Theory X and Y. The rationale is that workers become loyal, develop skills and allow for job rotation. As a result, workers will have a sense of belonging and show the high need for reinforcement. For example, at Apple Inc. workers are trusted and their well-being given a priority even in multicultural context. Theory Z draws for the Japanese and American style of management and depicts a good combination in real work settings.

  7. The hardest part in an overseas assignment is getting acquainted with the local language and communication. This is because language has both verbal and non-verbal communication which is difficult to follow. Again, language differences hinder understanding and real intentions of communication. The easiest would be to understand the social setup of locals which is given in learning and observing how people behave and show mannerism. For example, Japanese eat while using chop sticks and sitting on the mat. This practice is easier to copy and adjust more quickly.

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