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The term culture can be defined by Edward Taylor as the “complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, morals, law, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society” ( 1871, 1). Culture therefore influences the operations such as product and service design, marketing and sales( Cox ,Robert w, 1973).

What cultural issues can an organization face in its attempts to internationalize?

From our study case, it is evident that when Disney partnered with investors from Hong Kong and china to create a Disney-branded theme park, the main agenda was to improve the reputation of Hong Kong as the largest tourist’s destination center in Asia. This park was expected have more profit by the year 2009 but this was not to be, as it is attributed to low turnout of visitors. Though it improved in the year 2011. Many organizations thus face the challenge of differences in national culture, where different nations have different cultures which at some point may interfere with working of organizations from other states. In our case china has resisted the spread of western culture. Corporate culture is another challenge where organizations have different cultures which go against the culture the societies( Bartlett, Christopher A, 1987).

In light of the Disney experience in Hong Kong, would you agree that a uniform external culture cannot be imposed on a new market? Think about how other companies deal with culture.

Culture of an organization can-not be forced to work in different markets because every market has its own market culture. It is therefore the work of the company’s management to enter the market with peoples culture in mind.

Examples of products that failed to understand the culture of the market being entered.

Example, when puffs tissues entered German market, they were not aware that the name of product meant a colloquial term for warehouse in German language what they had to do was to change the name to the write one to fit into their potential customers in German( porter, Michael E 1986).