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3Ancient figures

Ancient Figures

Ancient sculptures were designed in a way that they portrayed certain characteristics of a society. For instance in Austria, parts of Asia and Egypt made sculptures that represented either gods or goddesses. A sculpture in Austria was identified to lack a face and had pointed legs whose apparent purpose was to serve as a goddess. The sculptures were designed to avoid total resemblance with ordinary human beings. It is possible that the cultural belief of the people in that area believed that the great mother goddess had pointed legs and no phase. In Egypt, sculptures were carved to depict their leaders as prove of the ancient civilization. A conclusion can be made that the Egyptians held high respect for their leaders. Another impressive landmark in Egypt that is recognized in the world wonders are the pyramids.

For many years, art, music and other forms of creative art have played a significant role in most communities (Santella, 2005). Art is efficient in speaking sending out a cultural message, preferences, pride and displaying talent. According to Santella (2005), artists have used patterns and colors to communicate effectively. For instance, ‘the divided vases’ curving by Betty Woodman used limited range of colors to decorate pottery. Rublev made a beautiful design of the Old Testament Trinity that still amaze many to date (Patrick, 2013). However, some designs have failed to depict the intended image leaving viewers with more questions and doubt. For instance, the artworks by Rococo made intellectual question the social responsibility of the works. When art fails to appeal the eye of the public, then the artist must have failed in his mission. Art has to speak to its viewers all the time.


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