Analysis of Two Readings Essay Example

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Analysis of Two Readings

September 10, 2011.

Analysis of Two Readings

The first article entitled “the archaeology of section” is an architectural position posing that the fundamentals and ideas of architecture emanated from the ruins. The body of contemporary architecture is compounded mostly by the aspects of structures and details that were observed in the ruins of the very monuments that ever existed. Artist and other enthusiasts of architecture dissimulated these ideas, structures and streamline them into their own versions and these have brought about appearance of perfect construction in art as shown in the photo of Milan Cathedral below. Moreover, the article further inquires how human beings or artists can be able to collate these ideas from ruins and put them in stable schemata that can be applied in construction and other fronts.

Analysis of Two Readings

Fig: A photo of Milan Cathedral in 1945

The second article entitled Tell-the–Tale detail holds that central source of architectural knowledge and ideas that are being explicated by artist come from God. It further poses that technology is another element that has come in to accentuate the tenets of architecture by helping to ferociously bring out the aspect of details. Role of details is indeed critical in artistic endeavor because is illustrates the extent of innovation and invention that prevails in the circles.

The main points of the authors in my opinion were to put forth the fundamental sources of architectural ideas that have been witnessed in the contemporary realm. They try to bring out the multi dimensional understanding of this aspect because they also emphasize the importance of technology and other innovations in spearheading and reinforcing the concept of architecture. These points are relevant because it bolsters comprehension and appreciation of architecture and generally the concept of art in the lives of human beings and in our everyday contexts, either where we live or use for our survival.


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