Analysis of Situational Variables and Consumer Behavior

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Analysis of situational variables and consumer behaviour

As a consumer, my desicion to purchase or not purchase is affected by temporary conditions or situations that I find myself in. For instance, if a friend accompanies me for shopping, his /her opinion on a particular product I intend to buy can influence my decision to buy it. If he/she dismisses the product, say on the basis of past bad experience, I may end up not buying it. Other factors like times of the day and the seasons of the year also influence my shopping decision.For examp;e, I can only buy a christmas tree during the christmas season as is significance is only for that season. Similarly, geographical factors also affect my buying behaviour as I consider factors like the physical proximity. For instance, if the farmers market is not too far from my place of residence, I would prefer going to buy products from the market than buy from retailers who buy the products from the same market and resell it at double price. Also, my momentary mood affects my behaviour. Stress for example may promt me to buy a jar of ice cream or a bottle of wine to indulge in as a way to drown my sorrows. Different situations affect consumers differently. I consider myself a consumer for my buying desicion are equally affected by different situations.

From the research article, I have learnt that, the presence or absence of situations have eeffects on the consumer perceptions and preferences for various goods or services (Belk, 160). Patients are always given drugs prescriptions which are sometimes not available from a hospital’s pharmacy. Having a pharmacy near a hospital will ultimately affect the consumer behaviour. Also during summer the consumers attitude towards sun screen lotion is likely to change. The scorching sun may inflict serious sun burns and thus the need for sunscreen. Similarly the consumer behaviour will change as the season ends as there is no need for sunscreen and they will start shopping for warm clothes in preparation for winter. I also learnt that the consumer buying behaviour can be influenced by the information given on the description of a product ( Belk 162). In a restaurant the description of a meal on a fixed menu can affect the decison on whether to place an order for particular meal.

Perhaps the most important lesson learnt, is that situations are delibarately simulated by the supplier to psychologigically manipulate the buyers desicion. This can be achieved by use visual cues like attractive still picture or videos for advertisements. The adverts manipulates the consumer to buy the product. It is therefore important to avoid making hasty decision while buying a product because I am attracted to the physical appearance as presented by the markerting advertisement. Instead, I should seek information on the different sources before making a concrete decision on buying or not. For instance, before buying a laptop/a computer I should seek information from different sources about it storage capacity,battery life, keyboard quality, screen quality, speed, among others.

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