Analysing media articles Essay Example

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Аnаlysing mеdiа аrtiсlеs


Similar words that are common to the articles are application of law; the need to crack down on illegal graffiti; negative impact graffiti has to the public spaces; current designated graffiti sites should be destroyed and persons doing graffiti should get arrested.

These words are biased to those people who do graffiti, Irrespective of the reasons given in most of these articles. In these articles, graffiti is perceived as a crime and vandalism because it has been associated with other criminal behavior such as robbery. This apprehension is

partly due to anxiety of the community in being potential victims to projected criminality This anxiety is also reflected in the harsher penalties including imprisonment, applied to graffiti offenders. For instance, as in the case of Cheyane Back, a first-time offender was handed a three month jailed sentence when he pleaded guilty to destroying or damaging property. Although the jail sentence did not match the scale of the crime committed.

In conclusion, there is a misconception that has been created in the society about graffitists. Vandals who break and enter tag or spray the vandalized area. Nowadays, majority of Australians perceive graffiti as vandalism. In conclusion, most measures that have been put in place to prevent graffiti are either over-reactive or aimed at blocking graffiti even in alternate spaces.