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3Marketing Case Study

Marketing Case Study — Boston Bliss with Qatar Airways


A brand strategy can be defined as a corporate’s plans to develop its unique brand that would be successful in the market in the long term and manage to achieve specific set goals. The brand strategy reinforces the positioning of the service product in the market by following some comprehensive meritorious steps deemed to be effective in promoting a particular brand. This is a critical aspect in marketing. The other vital aspect is brand naming. Designing a great brand name for any service or corporate entity requires that the stakeholders to draw a parallel between the name and the larger branding efforts of the business. The chosen brand name should represent some credible promise to targeted and existing clients for the service. Qatar Airways employs strategic brand naming to sell a flight service for passengers destined to Doha, Qatar.

The flight service is positioned to give air passengers a unique comfort that stands out from the services offered by other rivals in the market. The airline offers state-of-the art entertainment such as live video footages streamed on individual video screens for passengers on-flight. The business flights offered by Qatar Airways depart from Boston at 11 pm, a time where passengers can sleep in the course of the long journey to Qatar. These service features are part of a brand strategy to position the airline’s service as an ideal comfort flight option among others serving the same route. The airline also offers direct flights from Boston to Qatar. This makes it a preferred flight service for business travellers as compared to other flight packages offered by rival airlines that serve the same route but require passengers to take connection flights to reach Doha, Qatar.

Qatar Airways is also keen to position itself as a safe service product line. This is captured in the safety videos modeled in an entertaining Barcelona football narrative. This is a brand strategy to market the airline’s association with Barcelona as an official sponsor. The video encourages wearing oxygen masks and prohibits smoking within the airplane. Qatar Airways pursues smooth landing and smooth takeoffs as its service provision policy in order to guarantee comfort for the passengers on board. This is part of a larger brand strategy to make the airline appeal to potential passengers as a comfortable flight service. Passengers are offered fresh Thai food, rice and antipasti salads. They can also use Wi-Fi while aboard the plane. The pricing of the Wi-Fi is affordable enough to allow phone users to access the service at charges of $5.

Qatar Airways also has a friendly, helpful and welcoming front-service staff – cabin crew members and the check-in staff. These are the employees who present the service product to the clients, as they directly interact with the passengers on board. They are the face of the unique Qatar Airways business flight service. The hospitality of the cabin crew members while serving the passengers food and giving them mattress pads, pyjamas, eye masks and ear plugs goes a long way in making the business flight offered by Qatar Airways to stand out. Passengers are given an amenity kit with perfumes and body lotion for grooming.

The check-in terminals have security checking equipment to ensure safety for passengers while on-board. The Qatar Airways flight lounges for the business class passengers have been designed to be impressive. This is meant to present the business flight service as a classy one in a larger brand strategy to position the airline’s flight service in a competitive position in the industry. Perhaps this has been accomplished through careful interior design using official Qatar Airways colors.

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