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America is witnessing a rapid rise in mass shooting which raises questions about gun control, school safety and bullying. Studies carried out in the direction reveals that shootings are actually on a rise in America. Different reasons have been found which has led towards an increase in mass shooting.

One of the reasons which can be attributed towards mass shooting is because of an increase in mental health problems. Mental health illness is rising at a rapid pace and people who are under depression or other mental health problems resort to different ways of mass shooting. The rise in mental health illness can be attributed towards an increase in mass shooting as people under different mental pressure carry out the criminal activity (Shooting, 2015). It is witnessed that people who are alone and isolated are found to have mental problems because of loneliness associated with them. This over a period of time turns out into bigger mental health related problems which thereby has an impact on thinking ability and people carry out activities like mass shooting.

Another reason which has led towards mass shooting is that people carrying out the heinous act have personality disorder problem and are marginalized by the society. To get name and fame through media people indulge into mass shooting as media spreads those news about shooting which helps the person with disorder to garner some name in the society. The desire and greed to be popular among the masses and to create their fear has also led towards increasing the number of mass shooting which is taking place.

It is also seen that that the gun control norms in America is weak. Generally all people look at possessing guns on the backdrop that all people around them have gun and having one ensures better safety. The guns instead of being used for protecting oneself are used for mass shooting (Surico, 2015). People even arrested under mass shooting are able to escape easily on different grounds. Not having proper rules which prohibits people from possessing and using guns has led towards an increase in incidents of mass shooting. The government on this front has to act proactively and look at repurchasing the guns which were given to people, ensure that private sale of guns and firearms is restricted and the bar for people having guns is raised. This will help to ensure better gun control laws and will restrict people from indulging into activities like mass shooting.

Another reason which has been identified towards mass shooting is unequal distribution of wealth within the society. America witnesses a very high degree of inequality with regard to wealth distribution within the society (Cooper, 2012). Very few people are found to possess major part of wealth which has led towards differences among the society members. The anguish and fact that people are discriminated based on wealth has led towards mass shooting as people to take revenge undertake such activities. The manner in which inequality is rising mass shooting is bound to increase as more and more people would feel left out and would thereby indulge in criminal activities.

It is also witnessed that the drug market and industry is rapidly growing. The younger generations especially students are under the influence of drug. Those people are so much associated with drug that there body at all times look towards being under the effect of drug. Committing crime at that time is something which is beyond their control as people use it as an opportunity to spread panic in the society (Ingraham, 2015). The drug addicts are given drug for carrying out mass shooting which they undertake very easily. In addition to it the cost of drug is rising. To fulfil the required expenses students undertake mass shooting as they are even paid from different people so that they can carry out the activities. This has led towards a rapid rise in mass shooting as people under the influence of drug fall easy prey to such criminal and heinous activities. In addition to it easy availability of drugs and people falling into such activities is very easy. The phenomenon has led towards more and more people indulging in such activities.

Apart from it the degree of inequality which people have among the society either through racial discrimination or other form of discrimination has also led towards an increase in mass shooting (Cooper, 2012). People find it difficult to adjust with the changing business environment as the society has become demanding and having discrimination creates a feeling of jealousy. To fulfil the desire and to take revenge people indulge into mass shooting as it helps to provide the mental relief which they are looking. This degree of discrimination is rising which is bound to increase the manner in which mass shooting is taking place.

The other reason which can be attributed towards mass shooting is an increase in migrants, and social changes which has brought widespread changes in the manner the society functions (Cooper, 2012). The overall changes have weakened the traditions and made people undertake activities through which quick money can be earned. This has made more and more people to be inclined towards criminal activities and has increased the degree of mass shooting to a very high level. The change in the attitude of people and society aiming towards ways through which their desires can be fulfilled has made more people indulge into mass shooting.

Thus, there are a number of factors which has led towards an increase in mass shooting in America. No factors can be seen in isolation but it is a culmination of different factors which have increased mass shooting. The government on this regard needs to take appropriate steps to control it as otherwise the overall situation will become grim and would lead towards bigger harm for the society


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