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Diploma of Advertising
Write Persuasive Copy

Youtube Story Board

All information will send to staff

Youtube video

Scene 1: where Prahran Mission is situated and its overall contact information.

Scene 2:
Prahran neighboursScene 3:
the infrastructures of the Prahran mission.Scene 4: Facilities offered by the mission.

Scene 5: services offered by the mission.

Scene 6: Prahran Mission trade mark of excellence.

The main idea was for the viewers to understand best the main activities of Prahran mission and to go through their facilities in order to feel acquainted and familiar with the place and mostly to show their trading mark for every citizen to be aware of their presence when they spot such a mark.


Wall Tab: Join us on our new page has been uploaded, click the tab “LIKE” to join us.

Visit us

Home page:
The homeless in Prahran Mission was founded in the year 1949 by the first missionaries of Prahran Methodist church under the supervision of the Most High Rev. Reg and his congregation when they were touched by the high number of homeless in the community which they were serving. Driven by their motto of improving quality of their service to the community, they eventually established Prahran mission.


Quality worship

Quality service

Love for everyone


Each living being has the right for decent life regardless of his or her mental illness or in poverty. Our spirit is driven by the plight of the mentally ill and the economically disadvantaged in order to improve their lives and if possible, to introduce the much needed change in their lives and let them live a meaningful life.


Dedicated and highly experienced staff.

We have network around the world.

We are fully supported with stable donors.

We are non profit making organization.

Contact Information:

3699 churh lane

Prahran Mission Congregation 50008

Ph: (07) 24490626

Fax: (05)3022891

Email:[email protected]

Radio: 30 Seconds

Script: The mentally ill and the economically disadvantages are our brothers and sisters,

We the Prahran mission congregation have the duty to care for them,We are organising a walk to freedom for the mentally ill on 30th June to raise awareness of our brothers and sisters. We are inviting every caring citizen to join us to care together. For more information, please see posters from our local dailies or visit us on our website www.needyinprahram.

A background music accompanied by foot thumbing of people running may be in the event and then clapping of hands and congratulation noise from the crowd, this may mark as precedence to start the ad.

A listener may be touched by this ad after hearing it and may be imagine how these people have been surviving without assistance from public and especially him/her and maybe plan to attend the event, while other listeners may be moved to remember a certain person who need the services of this organization and be a helping hand to assist the person in connecting with the organization.


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