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Alcohol and related problems in the community: Kings Cross community Essay Example

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Alcohol and related problems in the community: Kings Cross community

Research has shown that alcohol is the most used substance in todays world. Most people drink alcohol without any negative effects or problems to themselves and others. Even though most people drink without any negative consequences, there are some isolated cases that result to violence, death, neglect of family members, especially children, and destruction of property among other problems. The developed nations are most affected by the negative effects of alcohol use with Australia being one of them. Most people, who drink in Australia, do so for a wide range of reasons that include; religious observance, social reasons, in order to relax and alter their moods, and as a result of peer pressure. The problems associated with alcohol do not only affect individuals directly involved in it, but also affect families and the community at large. The problems associated with alcohol consumption can at times have adverse effects on the community, especially when alcohol is overindulged in and abused. This literature review critically looks into Alcohol and its related problems in connection with the Kings Cross Community of Sydney. The review delves into the different research work that has already been done in connection with Kings Cross community and how the said community has been affected by alcohol. It focuses on the major problems of indulgence in alcohol that include social and social economic problems, psychological problems, and how such affect the community of kings cross.

Key words: Alcohol, Community, Violence, Crime, consumption, binge drinking.

Alcohol: A drink that is intoxicating

Community: A group of people living in one area and share some characteristics.

Crime: A prosecutable offence

Consumption: utilization or use of a given resource or material.

Binge drinking: over consumption of alcohol within a short time that is mostly practiced by youths

Kings Cross is an area within the city of Sydney that is bordered by the conurbations of Darlinghurst, Rushcutters Bay, Elizabeth Bay and Potts Point. It is the red-light district of the city of Sydney. The community has a reputation of harbouring criminal groups that are into organized crime. Kings cross also has a number of bars, strip clubs and restaurants (http://www.funkhouse.com.au/hostel-kings-cross-location/history/). As a result of the many alcohol joints and strip clubs within Kings cross, the community has had a number of alcohol related problems that are a result of the many crimes that range from murders and body injuries, to various legislations that go a long way into cutting down on the private and social lives of the community members. This review looks into such problems.

Problems associated with alcohol use and their effects in the community

Different researches have carried out extensive studies on alcohol and its problems at the community level. Surveys have been carried out in order to determine the extent to which individuals, families, and communities are affected by alcohol. Most studies on this subject agree that alcohol causes a number of problems that are related to the health of the individual, social and physical wellness. According to David Arthur’s research, an associate professor, approximately 20% of a given population experience the negative effects of alcohol use, especially among the people who frequent parties and are into binge drinking (1997).

Globally, about 4% of diseases are directly connected to alcohol. A similar percentage of deaths are also attributed to alcohol use. A number of diseases that are sexually related arise due to alcohol usage as most individuals tend to have unprotected sex after consuming alcohol. In Australia, alcohol-related diseases stand at 6% (Room et al., 2005). According to Room et al. (2005), there are over 60 diseases that are directly linked to alcohol use. These diseases are all dependent on the local community’s resources if they are to be cured. Diseases that include Cardiovascular complications, liver cirrhosis, anaemia, cancer, depression, gout and sexually transmitted diseases, for example, HIV/AIDS and other STDs, are all attributed to alcohol.

Domestic violence is also linked directly to cases of alcohol abuse. According to a research done by Arro et. al. (1992), 53% of domestic violence cases were related to alcohol use. Most youths are also involved in such violent cases. During parties, most of them overindulge in alcohol at their binge parties and they end up being violent, causing injuries to themselves and other people around them.

A number of social problems that affect the community are also directly attributed to alcohol use. Anti-social behaviours that mostly affect the youth are as a result of alcohol abuse. Most youths prefer hanging out in clubs drinking as compared to engaging themselves in social activities that are more beneficial to them. Others opt going out to drink as compared to spending their time with their families and loved ones.Low performance at work whereby alcoholics have problems remaining focused and paying attention to the details of the work they are performing.

Relationship issues have been linked directly to alcohol use. Most people stay out drinking long into the night with little consideration on the effects of such behaviour on their immediate families. The vice ends up affecting their families in a negative way that lowers their production and contribution to the wider community. For example, it might end affecting the education of their children with some dropping out of school. Most children from a background of drinking parents end up growing up without a parent or adult figure to guide them appropriately.

The community also suffers from socioeconomic effects related to alcohol use. Both the person drinking alcohol and other community members suffer from such effect. Such consenquenses include harm to the family members of the drinker, his or workmates and other people surrounding him/her. To the wider community, there are consequences that include high levels of noice, littering by drunk persons, vandalisms especially of road signs and other properties within or close to the drunk person, petty crimes that include snatching away of personal property. All these cases have a negative impact on the community (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2011. N.p.).

There are cases of violence and other forms of crime that are associated with alcohol use. The community of kings cross has experienced such cases for a long time. Alcohol related Violence is among the reasons that led to a legislation of a number of laws that were meant to curb the vice. There is enough scientific evidence linking alcohol use to violence and social disruption, especially in and out of the drinking premises and also on the streets and back at home. In Sydney, hospitals report that about two thirds of their patients in their emergence department are treated for injuries that are related to alcohol. Most of such patients are also admitted while still drunk. Some other cases registered in the hospitals are also accident related as a result of indulging in alcohol. Individuals drink, some over indulging, before driving their vehicles on the streets of Kings Cross. The drunk drivers end up causing harm to themselves and to other members of the community using the same road at the same time. This connection of vehicle accidents and other violent cases reported across Kings Cross to alcohol consumption can be detrimental to the entire community due to the substantial harm it leaves.

Legislation to control alcohol abuse within the Kings Cross community

Alcohol affects any community in a number of different ways that range from a rise in criminal activities, health problems that end up affecting the production of the given community, and legislation that ends up disrupting the lives of the affected people. In Kings cross, there are a number of legislations that have been formulated to reduce and curb alcohol abuse. Even though the legislation does affect the social lives of the community members, it goes a long way into reducing the effects of alcohol related problems in the community. In Sydney, restrictions have been formulated to tackle the wide range of alcohol related violence that particularly occurs within and around the licenced liquor stores. On the 15th August 2012, new restrictions as announced by the Premier O’Farrell were imposed on all licensed alcohol related premises that were aimed at reducing or eradicating alcohol related violence. The announced restrictions were mainly directed at the Kings Cross Precinct. They included a prohibition of glasses and jugs after midnight, maintenance of an incident register all through and police notified immediately in case of an incident among others (NSW Parliamentary Research Service, 2014, Pg 7).

In conclusion, Alcohol impacts a community in a number of different ways. Families are most affected by alcohol abuse. Parents who go out drinking for long hours leave their children unattended to with most of them growing up as juvenile deliquesnts. Anti social behaviours, criminal activities, violence and property destructions are all part of alcohol use that do not contribute in any positive way to the development and well being of any community. If community is to overcome challenges associated with alcohol use, then it has to put n place preventive measures that include laws that will protect I citizen ad also reduce cases of alcohol abuse. Other interventions, for example counselling also go a long way into rehabilitating an affected population



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