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Alabama prison and Medical and Mental Services

Alabama happened to the last state to ensure the integration of the integration of individual experiencing HIV/AIDs into general population. Until the year 2013, inmates suffering from HIV/AIDS were housed in a segregated facility in Limestone Correction Facility. These facilities were isolated and at the same time apart from those housing the HIV negative individuals. However, the services improved following a lawsuit by individual suffering from the disease in 2011. The segregation policy imposed by the Alabama Correction Centers was a violation of the HIV positive people’s rights (American Civil Liberty Union of Alabama, 2015).

The agency asks the inmates about the drug use as a way of assisting in the process of treatment. Individuals who have an issue of drug abuse are also charged a certain amount of money if they are tested positive. The department also considers the inmate with drug offense non-violent offenders. The drug courts of the department offers alternative sentence for individuals experiencing drugs as well as substance abuse (Alabama Department of Correction, 2013).

Individuals suffering from mental health receive specialized treatment at various correction facilities within Alabama. Among them include Kirby Prison which offers mental health services. Within the medical facilities, mental health cases are offered comprehensive care such as mental healthcare as well as other medical treatment. Among the mental health programs that Kilby prison offers include sex offender therapy, anger management, stop drug/alcohol counseling, group and individual therapy, chaplaincy services, as well as ongoing programs on mental health. If an individual is experiencing mental health, it is important to provide them with treatment. Each correction facility also has mental health professional to offer help for inmates who may be suffering from the same and these staffs are there to help an individual with behavior as well as emotional problems (Alabama Department of Correction, 2013).

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