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What Makes Good Research Question

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What Makes A Research Question?

According to Law (2012), a good research question identifies the broader subject to context in which it is interested in. This represents the field to which the research will be based upon, for instance, the research may be interested in the child obesity. The research question is the one that is of interest to the researcher as well as the potentially beneficial to the others (Law, 2012). Research question constitutes to the greater extend the problem to which the project intents to solve.

Law (2012) ascertains that a good research question is the one which is researchable in the context of the problem identified. This aspect represents the nature of a research question that well familiarises with the problem as well as easy for the researcher as well as other stakeholders to work upon. The research question makes it possible to be researched upon in the stipulated time, to the intended completion (Law, 2012).

According to Salkind (2012), the research question as well constitutes the resource considerate, in that it is well researchable within the set costs and resources as well. The question for research is not an ambiguous task, which would take, more than set resources. The research question itself as well represent a simple statement of question, the one that is not complex, such that when one reads it can easily interpret it as well as understand it (Salkind, 2012).

Robitaille and Garden (2006) asserts that a good research question is measurable in the context that the results or the data generated by the research processes is supportive as well as measurable in logic terms. This research question represents the statement whose results of findings can well be interpreted in the simple language, or else in the complex methods of analysis. The research question should provide a supportive ideas as well as data, it should not be contradictory.

According to Robitaille and Garden (2006), the research question is that one which is not too narrow nor too broad. It should fit the specifications of research level of understanding as well as research ability. It should be a simple question statement to avoid contradictions or complications for the researcher (Robitaille & Garden, 2006). The question should be focused on the problem statement. The research question represents an objective statement, meaning it can well work with set objectives to reach a conclusion.


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