Agency-Client Relationship Essay Example

Client and their ad agency

Client and their ad agency

Clients and their advertising agency

Case study

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and Webrepublic collaborated on a campaign to reach audiences and increase brand awareness in the Swiss market. This attracted 13million people in total across the digital platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google AdWords. The integration of a variety of digital platforms on the campaign created a large number of views needed and also promoted customer interaction.

Webrepublic used French and German as the primary languages as the target audience were well versed in either or both. The success of the campaign was contributed by both parties as Webrepublic carefully placed performance experts to monitor the campaign while NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto took suggestions into account and reallocated the budget accordingly.

The marketing environment is quite dynamic and the client-ad agency relationship needs to be continuously looked into to avoid its extinction.

Ethics need to be upheld. Apple was once criticized for having their Foxconn Chinese workers work in slave like conditions (Duhigg, C., and Bradsher, K., 2012). This was seen as an insult to humanity and with such negative criticism from the public, their sales were likely to decline.

Practitioners think it is important to have a full disclosure contract whereby both parties need to reveal all possible information to ensure transparency and leave no room for misunderstandings.

It is also important to be patient which is rare in this day and age. The agency requires sufficient time to work on and develop an ad campaign. Pressurizing and giving deadlines does not assist in any way, on the contrary it disrupts the train of thought and may lead to omission of delicate issues.

The advertising agency needs motivation to perform well. Prompt payment and even appreciation of a job well done will yield better results. If the client has to be constantly reminded of payment dues, campaign budget and other resource items, the project may not take off as the agency may be demoralized due to the ‘lack of’ situation.

Key strengths of the agency


Sharing of ideas and the decision making process was quite impressive as feedback was constantly given during the entire campaign. This avoided any misunderstandings as the expectations of either party was made clear and reviews were made when needed for the smooth and successful operation of the campaign.

Experienced personnel

Webrepublic had a group of performance experts, interdisciplinary team of display, social media and graphic designers whose mandate was to take care of the campaign’s concept, planning, implementation and optimization. The skilled and qualified personnel contributed to the success of the campaign as they had vast experience in the area and could handle any upcoming hitches.

Clear and concise goals

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto already had a goal: reach the target audience and create brand awareness. This proved easier for Webrepublic as they had no problems of going back and forth due to poor decision making and indecisiveness. The campaign was customized for its target audience making it easier to launch it.


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