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Child Body Assemblages


Child Body Assemblages

Technology is one of the futuristic principal that is transforming lives with profound implication that we are all plagued into within the modern society. The emerging trends of interaction between digital technologies and children’s bodies have attracted scholar from walks of life. Professor Lupton’s research on such digital technology and child body interaction; which she calls assemblages has provided critical insights on technologies and how it has influenced human life in the modern society. According to professor Lupton’s digital technologies that represent the child data assemblages has enhanced the knowledge and sense of parenting in a number of ways.

The vast amount of technologies in the modern world has effectively helped parents to track the children development through digital technologies. At the tender stage of pregnancy, it is possible for parents to effectively monitor every stage
and detect any complications early. As globalization continues to take shape, it is almost difficulty for parents to effectively monitor the whereabouts of their kids while at work. However, with the use of the available digital technologies, parenting has been made easier since children are well guarded in all the activities they are involved in. In the context of schooling, technology has been used to provide digitalized learning materials that have enhanced children learning. Thus, child body assemblages as the digital technology and child interaction has
been well presented as a continuous correlation in every stage of life.

In conclusion, the notion of professor Lupton on digital technology and its child interaction for embryonic stage to educational use of technology is well captured in every stage of child development. Indeed, within every context of child body assemblages, technology has a significant effect on the modern society’s child with much attributes such as sporting, learning, and general development well presented in the Lupton’s research.


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