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Advertising Strategic Development

Q1. Advantages and disadvantages of the adapted and standardized approaches during appointment of an advertising agency


It is possible to alter the advertising to incorporate social, cultural and economic characteristics of the market.

There is a balance between the merits of a single campaign and those campaigns targeting each market

Ease of transposing sales arguments outside the creative format frontiers


There is a difficulty in decision making as to what extent each strategy will be enforced

Difference assessment methods used by consumers in various markets

Difficulty in altering the perspective of advertisingQ2. How do advertising agencies differentiate themselves?

  1. Having an obsession of customers needs: understanding customers needs, trends and values

  2. Reinforcing brands with every interaction: Ensuring brand value is brought to the core each season

  3. Treating customer experience as competence: ensuring customers get value for money

Q3. Factors considered in advertising agency appointment by a key supplier of personal care products in china?

1. Excellence and competence: The agency should be able to bring specialists, experts and entrepreneurs. The agency should unite strategic insight with endless imagination.

2. Attitude: The people to work on the personal care products should have the necessary attitude, experience and credentials.

3. Understanding of needs and requirements: The agency should be focused and comprehensive of firm’s objectives and rationale.

4. Leadership: Ascertain agency employees have key people and talent

5. Experience: Consider if they have relevant experience in personal care products field.

The account planners now have greater control of the promotional process with more synergy arising from every communication program component. Planners find it more convenient for clients to manage all promotional efforts with one agency. Planners for agencies with Integrated Marketing Communications capabilities are able to create a single image for the client. However, they do not achieve the synergy and economies of scale for a single agency managing all communication areas.  Q4. Changing role of account planner as a result of the integrated approach growth in marketing communications

Q5. Purpose of having a chemistry meeting when looking for an advertising agency.

Chemistry meeting is an opportunity for the marketing team and the agency to assemble and assess the alignment of personality, values, and culture. The meetings not only bring two parties together but also a chance for the marketing team to obtain insights of what it feels to work with the agency.

Q6. Main factors possibly leading to conflict between an advertising agency and the client
The feeling by advertisers that their clients are over-advertising is also felt by consumers and social critics. There is a poor and inconsistent payment of advertising agencies making them to lament and offer dismal performance. Clients and their advertising agencies spend less on testing, developing, testing and production of better quality ads. Imperfect controls of conflicts involving financial arrangements negotiated between the agency and the client. Q7. Short profile of a leading individual in advertising
The agency is two decades old and advertises for more than 300 companies in various product categories. The annual revenues for 2011 and 2013 were $15million and 17.5million respectively. The agency has 120 employees and active in 15 countries. Q8. Payment by results a common basis for agency remuneration 
The agencies are more concerned with their balance sheet if the clients commit their expenses on advertising. When the client derives results from advertising, the agencies become viable. Clients pay only when they get direct benefits which become an issue to remunerationQ9. Benefits of share of voice and objective task methods of setting advertising budgets 

The task objective method considers the money needed to attain specific goals. Suitable for startups or those under rapid growth or wining long-term customers. Share of voice connects share market to advertising expenditure. A size of market share takes a similar size of advertising expenditure. Questions section B1. Major differences between the emergent and deliberate planning schools of strategy
Deliberate planning strategy has detailed articulated and precise intentions. Collective intention is the driver. Emergent strategy shows order but lacks intention though it does not refer to chaos.2. Importance of integration in the development of strategic communication plans
Integration combines all the advertising services for clients under one roof. Clients will need only a firm to obtain all the marketing support needed.3. Significance of differentiating between communications and business objectives.

Business objectives do not equal communication objectives. It enables one to take responsibility on failure or success of the program. Business objectives are goal oriented to vision and mission of the business e.g marketing while communication objectives are customer oriented such as public relations.4. Notes on context analysis for an organization of choice.
These are analyses of strengths favoring the company, weaknesses putting the success on a rough path, opportunities for success and success to organizational progress. 5. Difference of pull, push and profile positioning strategies in terms of their target audiences

Push strategies applies in instances of; low brand loyalty, many acceptable substitutes, new products, unplanned product purchase and consumer familiarity e.g. household cleaning products. Pull strategies showers consumers with promotional campaigns like coupons, contests and free samples e.g. the fruit manufacturers. Profile strategy builds attitudes, reputation, perception and awareness e.g. Gillette razor brands.6. Key stages of a plan for advertising the launch of a new consumer product in Egypt
Launching a toothpaste product in Egypt require business outcomes, goals and objectives. Write down the product description, target market, price, customer demographics, promotion, profit percentage, budget and product guarantee. The launch date should be set showing product live on the rack and shelf. Work with business coach to guide and support the product with regular meetings. Action should be taken daily with discipline and intent to advance. Sell with a strategy like selling first to individuals then to businesses. Get the picture of the product of expenses and revenues.7. Importance of customer perceptions in developing effective positioning
Customers are key in product success. Their attitudes and values influence the progress of the new product. The product entry should win the imagination of the customer so that when they think of toothpaste they always think of Colgate and vice versa. The product will have been positioned to the tooth paste customers.8. Perceptual map for major competitors in beer marketadvertising strategy development

Perceptual map of alcohol brands (beer)

The map shows perceived distance of Miller and Budweiser being similar to Michelob and Coors. Beers increase in popularity with men especially Budweiser. Customer perceptions interpreted in a similar manner.

9. Examples to illustrate the positioning platforms of media in Egypt

The media in Egypt takes into consideration at least 10 high profile clients. The digital marketing welcomes experts in advertising to drive customized digital marketing. Establishing interactive preface to allow marketers better consumer engagement and profile. Creating and sustenance of individual relationships at a greater scale. Interactive marketing cloud for customer delivery of correct marketing throughout the digital channels. Global retail leaders providing for best practice and continued cutting edge campaigns.