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Section A

  1. Tow advertisement is a form of aerial advertisement, which involves the use of aircrafts balloon, or ships as a form of advertising. They are basically used near a large target of advertising are around the source of advertisement(Hong-Bumm, 2003)

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The first advertisement is reinforcing brand values while the following two advertisements are persuading the audience. This is through their magnificent display

  1. According to IPA effective advertisements are the ones that appeal to emotions. However, these adverts respond slowly but are advantageous in terms of metrics. Another strategy to void rational advertisements since they do not appeal to customers. Another strategy is building he relationship between the customer and the brand rather than conveying the message alone(Doyle, 2001a).

  2. Investing means that the marketer is allocating money specifically to employ the relationship between the brand and the consumer while spending simply means using oney in a short term during the advertising process.

Section B

  1. McDonalds a Coca Cola company use standardized advertisement agencies because they are cost effective. They help n generating economies scale and ensure that they make smaller profits with a large umber of consumers. The adapted approach of an appointing advertising agency is that its flexible to fit in preferred markets(Feldwick, 1996).

  2. Advertising agents can differentiate themselves through their standards of advertising

  3. The brand, target consumer and the cost of advertising

  4. It ensures that all the aspects required for advertising are covered

  5. Conflicts arise in any business situations. Conflicts may arise between the advertising agency and the client in terms of costs, breach of contracts like selling brand names and product(Aaker & Joachimsthaler, 2000).

  6. This is because advertising agencies are targeting delivery of the objectives and attainment of goals.

  7. Setting advertising budgets require the intervention of the shareholders voice in order to avoid wastage of resources. This also helps in spreading of risks in addition to bringing the ownership of the advertising budget.

Section C

  1. Planning for a strategy is a systematic way used by advertising agency and it involves larger companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi. Emergent school of thoughts involves strategizing for a new brand entering a market and hence need flexible strategies of marketing

  2. Integration helps in reducing cost of communication in addition to reducing duplication of work. Integration also helps in sharing of the scarce resources. Sharing of resources and spreading of risks is also a reason why there is integration in businesses

  3. Developing a context of analysis requires

  4. Push positioning targets a small brand that needs to penetrate a market. Profile positioning involves using the brand name to introduce a new product in the market using the same brand. The pull strategy of advertising involves targeting the audience of a rival brand of product. This strategy lures the customer from one brand to another (Kapferer, 1997),.

  5. Customer perceptions are important in ensuring that emotions are used to win the customer during advertising


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