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Advertisement report

23 October 2015


In today’s world of business, it is the mandate of the marketers to make sure that the products that a business is selling appear attractive to the potential customers. As such, for a marketer to be successful, he/she need to target the right buyers, ensure that the advert is available to the customers and enhance that the product being advertised stand out in the market. Importantly, before conducting any advertising task, one should consider the strategic plan to implement, used the right media, implement an advert that is within the budget planned and as well as develop a timing advert. Above all, before implementing any advertisement as a marketer one should consider that targeted audience in term of gender, education, and age.

As many scholars have touched this topic of advertisement, it is believed that advertising is a technique to showcase the business goods and services. According to (Altstiel, Grow, & Altstiel, 2010) advertising gives customers the opportunity to select the preferable product in the market. The survey conducted by (Bristow, &Frankwick, 2004) further indicates that in today world, it unimaginable for customers to purchase a product that is unfamiliar to them. Nothing is can be more satisfying than enhancing customer awareness because even the customers purchase a product the feeling of their money being worthy. To a better understanding, in modern organizations advertisement has been a benefits component for the success of the business. Therefore, this report focuses on discussing key advertising tactics by explaining the application of advertising concept at San Remo Pasta Company.

  • Recommended strategy/ tactics for the advertising campaign

Basing it on various studies that have been carried out, consumers get attracted with good tactical adverts. (Advertising strategy: creative tactics from the outside/in. 2006) Articulate that advertising tactics are marketing techniques that marketers use to achieve the strategic goal of the business. Moreover, the survey by the researchers indicates that strategically, advertisement campaign involves overarching the marketing plan. Therefore, focusing on the case of San Remo Pasta Company, as the person responsible for the advertisement of the company’s product, the tactics or strategies used should portray the elements of clarity. (Bristow, &Frankwick, 2004) Labeled that without a clear strategy for business advertising the whole campaign may fail and failure in not part of the business plan.

Theoretically, the most effective tactic for the advertising campaign for San Remo is mass communication. (Bristow, & Frankwick, 2004) Mass communication is one of the easiest and effective ways to communicate to the consumers. Consumers purchase goods just by listening to a marketer talking about that product. This involves taking the adverts on television, radios among others. Therefore, San Remo Pasta Company can embrace radio as the main tactic for carrying out the advertisement of its products. The study by (Advertising strategy: creative tactics from the outside/in. 2006) Claim that radio is one of the inexpensive methods of advertising a product and consumers will trust a given product upon hearing the information on the radio.

On the other hand, for the showcase that stands out for the buyers, as a marketer one should embrace a strategic campaign. Before engaging in any advert plan, a marketer should identify his/her goal so as to have a successful campaign. This is can be achieved by identifying and formulating different advertising strategies that are more competitive. For the situation of San Remo, the recommended strategies are as follows. First, as the person in charge with the advertising campaign, one will engage with the targeted customers. According to (Bristow, & Frankwick, 2004) engaging with the buyers as an advertising manager will make the whole process interesting and the message is well received by the customers. The next recommended strategy for San Remo will be to encourage the customers to purchase a single product again and again. Advertisers should not only focus on a single sale but also on the future sale of the product. As indicated by (Bristow, & Frankwick, 2004), encouraging customers to repeat buying a given product will only mean one thing, and that is, the advertising campaign is strategically positioned and successful.

  • How do you think the campaign will work

The advertising tasks can be divided into different elements. But in the case of San Remo the whole process of advertising will work well through innovative strategy and creative tactics. (Woodcock, 2009) Stated that in the advertisement process, innovative strategies are concerned with the plan of how the marketer is going to say to the customers. The study further found that the creative strategies applied in advertising campaign start with the marketer outlining the thing that will impress the targeted customers. To better understanding, will be success with the help of creative strategies as these strategies will determine the appropriate appeal to apply in the advert.

Importantly, as the appeal are employed in the advert, as a marketer one should convert these ideas into a definite advertisement. (Woodcock, B. 2009) Highlighted that the whole campaign of advertisement work in a way that all the fact are gathered, assessed, and ascertaining the advertising ideas into a real marketing campaign. The study further indicates that the whole process of evaluating and making the adverts ideal definite may appear complex to some marketers. Therefore, for a marketer one can use the creative tactics approach to making the advertisement process work successfully. In this context, the marketer includes all the available alternatives that will be used in making the whole process of advertising accomplish its objective. (Bristow, & Frankwick, 2004) Creative tactics work successfully when the marketer understands the group targeted. As such, this will help the marketer decide where the information of the product will be satisfactorily be received.

  • How do you think the campaign should be branded?

Kotler, & Armstrong, (2006) in any business brand signify the business identity in the market. As such for the case of San Remo, the brand will show its identification, what the company, the type of product it sells or rather the services it provides, and as well as its reputation in the market. The whole concept of branding is important because, it make the business become trustworthiness in the market. Importantly, brand influences buyers’ decisions, and it enhances the company to gain a competitive advantage in the market. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2006) the main goal that a company intends to achieve through branding is to create customer awareness and as well to shape the reputation of the business.

For the case of San Remo, the campaign should be branded as San Remo Pasta products. In this case, the brand name will be either presented in the press or published in written articles. Moreover, another method of presenting the brand to the customers may also be used. With such being applied, the brand will effectively affect the reputation of the company. To a better understanding, the effective brand will make the company’s reputation popular henceforth, an increased market share.

  • Target audience

The target audience refers to a specific group of individuals within the market targeted by the marketers. Target audience in a given market can be formed of a group of people who are grouped according to age, gender, financial status among others (Krum, &Zober 2 012). For the case of San Remo the advertisement process to be conducted targets a market that is characterized by the element of gender and ages. As such, the campaign targeted women between the ages of 20-35. From a personal viewpoint, the market should be altered and involve other audiences such as men and young adults. The reason for interchanging the targeted market is because, the satisfaction of a huge number of customers will only mean that the different group of customers is being satisfied hence the company will have an improved market share. Moreover, with a wide market target the company will enhance effectiveness in the advertising process so as to ensure that information is shared with all members targeted by the campaign.

Differentiation and USPs (unique selling propositions)

Nishino, Akai, &Tamura, (2014) in marketing a product, differentiation means ensuring that the product being adversities is different from its competitors. Product differentiation can be accomplished through different designing of the product, product branding and as well the product performance in the market. On the other hand, USPs is referred to as the feature that disperses a commodity from its competitors. USPs in the business involve, the state of the product in the form of color and design, the lower price that is tagged on a given product, and the extra advantage that is related to a product.

Therefore, one can say the San Remo should focus on Differentiation and USPs because both concepts are related to the product uniqueness in the market. (Nishino, Akai, &Tamura, 2014) If a business does not have any unique product features in the market, the business will likely struggle to win the customers trust. Similarly, for a business to succeed in the market, it should identify the USPs and differentiation for its goods and services.

  • The media

As San Remo Company approaches new advertising process, there are different medium that the company can use. However, San Remo Company plans to use radio as its viable media to deliver its message to the customers. Despite the fact that there are other effective methods of advertisement, radio can be beneficial to the company in different ways both in present and in future. (Small Business —, 2015) When the advertisement is done correctly through radio advertisement, a company can yield increased return, and gain new customers. Therefore, for San Remo one can recommend the use of radio as a medium for the new campaign. Advertising through radio will benefit San Remo Company in the future because the method is cost effective, efficient, and as well offers the company with measurable effects. With all the benefits that are notable for the use of radio to conduct an advertisement campaign, the radio will be the best media to be used by the company even in the future (Voorveld, 2011).

  • Budget-budgeting method and amount

In any business, advertising costs are comprehensively controllable expenditures (Kitchen, 2010). As such, advertising budgets refers to the means of defining and dividing the money that is allocated for the advertising tasks. There are numerous techniques that a business can use in determining the amount that it will spend in carrying out the whole process of advertisement. Therefore, for the case of San Remo Company, the most effective method that the marketing managers can use to establish the budget to be used in the campaign is the percentage of sales made or profit (Kitchen, 2010). In the method selected, the advertising budget is raised from the percentage of sales. Ideally, the key reasons for selecting this method are because the technique avoids problems that are related from using the returns as a base of advertising budget. For the campaign that is to be conducted by the San Remo Company, the budgeted amount is $100,000.

  • Timing issues

The method scheduled to raise the advertising budget is based on past years sale or estimated future sales. In the case, of taming the budget on the past sales, one should consider issues such as economic changes as they can affect the budget (Kitchen, 2010). The economic issue can make the budget rise or fall. On the other hand, timing the company’s advertising budget on the estimated future sales is one of the most reliable techniques that is used in the business. For the case of San Remo Company, the budget can be scheduled with the application of future sales technique, as the method is applied by calculating the estimated sales that will be made for the coming years. However, this method may by disadvantageous to the company because it works on assumptions.

  • Any other aspects that should be considered

Conversely, so as to provide San Remo with a good campaign, the marketer should understand the role of customers in the market. Usually, the marketer needs to reflect more on the customers purchasing behavior of the product sold by the company (Krum, & Zober 2012). Understanding the preferences of the buyers is essential because marketers will have to make the right advertisement for the right target clientele. As a result of understanding the customer’s needs, requirements and the buying behavior the person carrying out the task of advertising San Remo products will connect the customers with the company’s brand. Above all, to make new campaign at San Remo more effective, the marketers need to understand the relationship between the consumers and advertisement. (Krum, & Zober, 2012) The key goal for conducting advertising is usually to understand the buying power of the potential customers. On the other hand, understanding the customers’ behavior will benefit the San Remo Company in a way that the advertisers will study the customers, through response rate and reaction. This will help the advertisers know the perspective of the customers regarding a certain product.

To some up this paper, it is vital for the current businesses to understand that in the modern world, the advertisement has become a big business. For a business to gain a competitive advantage, it I necessary for the business implement advertising systems that deliver reliable and important information to the customers. With effective advertisement techniques, a business will experience profitable returns, increased market share, and customer satisfaction. Moreover, it is the mandate of the marketer to come up effective strategies and tactics that he/she will use in advertising a product in the market. Additionally, advertising needs to be implemented through the most effective media. A media that will enhance the campaign connect the customers and the company. A new advertising campaign should be laid within a manageable budget and at a scheduled time. Lastly, in some cases, the advertisement is a case of errors, and for marketers to avoid such errors, they should target the right group of customers.

  • The audio

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