Advertisement Analysis 2 Essay Example

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Advertisement Analysis 2

Question 1

The adverts are trying to activate feelings of love and humor. The 1998 advert is trying to activate feelings of love and humor as well. The advert indicates that with the Victoria beer one can conquer everything and that is what everybody needs after any tiresome work or an achievement like marriage. As well, the 2010 advert too activates feelings of humor and love. The advert is indicating the milestones the Victoria beer has gone through to be what it is today (Wells 112). The humorous part is in depicted in the writings, such as “blokes punching above their weight”!

Question 2

Recognition has played a role in both adverts. Both adverts recognize the Victoria beer as being such an influential beer that has led to great achievements in advert 2010 while in advert 1998 the Victoria beer is recognized as being a forceful influence in one’s activities (Wells 112).

Question 3

In advert 1998, the brand image being constructed is that the Victorian beer associates with people who are doing something in their lives and have not accomplished yet and they need the cold beer to accomplish. On the other hand, the avert 2010 creates a brand image of achievers. The beer is being associated with people who have achieved incredible things (Wells 116).

Question 4

The representation has not really changed because both adverts use men in the adverts and thus they both represent the Australian male identity. The creator chose to deal with gender identity because beer is commonly taken by men and drinking beer for women has not been completely accepted socially due to her role in the family and society.

Question 5

In both adverts the humor plays a role of attracting attention and keeping the audience fixed on the adverts.

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