Advertisement Analysis Essay Example

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Advertisement Analysis

Question 1

The product was considered as low involvement. This is because the advertisement does not give facts about the credit card which is the product but has a developed a perception that VISA card can provide solutions to so many things and advert makers hope the users will believe that (Wells 104).

Question 2

The advert is an affective advertisement. This is because the advert creates positive feeling towards the credit card that is being advertised and the advert as well. The advert is so captivating and the advert entices the user to use the VISA credit card to in making any kind of purchases such as even dining (Wells 112).

Question 3

  • Attention: The advert engages attention through shock factor where the lady says the soup is salty and then the staff in the restaurant attacks her and a fight ensues. That’s so captivating.

  • Interest: The advert engages triggers by using the lady who is fighting all the men and triumphs. The fight in the advert triggers interest in that the people will stay focused to see what happens in the end.

  • Desire: The advert stimulates desire by informing the audience that the credit card can offer them so many purchasing solutions such as one depicted in the advert.

  • Initiate action: The advert initiates action by showing that the credit card can assist a consumer to make any kind of payment using the VISA card, including paying in restaurants (Michael 24).

Question 4

The key message of the advert is that the VISA can offer payment solutions and with the credit card one can pay for any kind of purchase, including services (Wells 116).

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