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We live in the world of advertising, a world that is full of the making; actually the occupants do not like to pay fully for the price of the things that we make or see in live. Our inability to fully pay, to appreciate, and to fully give credit to the products is what creates the chance for advertisement companies to advertise as they are paid part of the price to pass the information to us. Advertisement is the means of communication to the consumers of a given product through the use of different sources which are always current and updated as per the consumers’ needs («Definition of ‘Advertising’ — The Economic Times», 2016). Different media are used for advertisement with each and every media having a specific product that is best suited for its advertisement. Every business or organization has the feelings that advertisement is an important aspect in realizing the development of the products as well as increasing the sales of the products. Different benefits are developed from advertisement with the consumer only having the gain of knowledge concerning the product being advertised. However, in most cases, the consumers are greatly affected by the advertisement since not all parts of the advertised information will provide the truthful information regarding the product («How Ads Affect Our Everyday Lives |», 2016). The key aspects on any advert seen on any advertisement media ensures that every individual remembers them with their influence affecting the way we purchase or view a product when we meet it in the market. When advertising a product, only the pros of the product will be highlighted unless it is a recommendation from the advertisement governing body to include a serious negative effect of the product being advertised («The Influence of Advertising |», 2016). Advertisements do work to change the way of individual’s spending as well as to change habits and perceptions that someone might develop towards buying an item (2016). The influence that advertisement has on the lives of the consumer is seducing their brain and any advertisement that fails to seduce the brain of the buyer is considered to have failed in achieving the target.


In conclusion, advertisement does well to the producers and sellers of the products through increasing the market share and sales volume. On the side of the consumer, advertisement only confuses the brain of consumer and develops poor spending strategies of the consumer towards the products. Advertisement misleads the consumer, as more than 90% of the information provided is false about the product despite the product performing the same operation as advertised. Identification of the target audience is necessary for the producers to establish the best advertisement media to use. The responsibility is therefore to the producers and suppliers of the product to identify the best media of advertisement to use for their product publicity. It is necessary for the suppliers and producers to determine what the consumers will be interested to hear from the advertisement to confuse their mind towards the purchase of the product. The government and other law regulatory board should work hand in hand with the advertising companies to ensure that whatever is advertised does not break the laws of the country as well as mislead any generation or influence them for the wrong activities.


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