[Admission Letter for Dentistry at Charles Sturt Univeristy] Letter to Professor Wilson, Head of School, Dentistry & Health Sciences at Charles Sturt University Essay Example

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5th September 5, 2011

To the Head of School Dentistry & Health Sciences


PO Box 168 — 1655

Manly NSW

Dear Professor Wilson

Application for admission to study Dentistry

In reference to the dental program being offered in your university, I hereby wish to apply for an admission in your university to study dentistry in the next academic year. I learnt from my former university teacher who is also an old student in your institution that your university is the best in the field of dentistry and would like you to consider me for an admission in the next academic year.

I am a 22 years old gentleman currently living in Australia. I was born in the rural regions of Turkey but migrated with my family at the age of 10. I believe I am qualified to be chosen to study dentistry for several reasons. To begin with, I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) at University of Sydney in 2010. I have been practising as a Physiotherapist for over one year and the experience that I have will help me in studying dentistry. I currently own a successful Physiotherapy Clinic in Western Sydney. Majority of my patients have an ethnic and a low socio-economical background. I am caring in a very reassuring way a characteristic that all dentist need to have. I am good at working with both adults and children which means that I do have excellent communication skills and I have the ability to explain things clearly to all my patients. I am able to understand my patient’s anxiety and am able to calm them down before proceeding to treat them. Am also interested in science subjects and especially Biology which is a pre requisite for studying this course. I am able to work closely with others doctors as well as other patients something that is crucial in order to become a dentist.

I specifically chose your institution because the program will fit my busy schedule which means that I will conveniently combine my work together with my school work. In fact I can do my school work on any part of this world as long as I have access to internet and am connected to the World Wide Web. Charles Sturt University has a good reputation in regards to its courses being relevant to the industry and its certificates being widely accepted.

There are many reasons why I would like to study in your institution. To begin with, your institution is a prestigious Australian university with certificates that are well recognized all over the world. With no doubt, there are so many distance education universities that are out there to waste our time and you end up earning a degree certificate that is not recognizable by the employers of labour. Many of the Australian employers recognize and those of other countries all over the world recognize certificates of Charles Sturt University. Another reason why I would want to study in your institution is the fact that the programs offered by Charles Sturt University are industry related meaning that the programs are such that when completed, one will not have a problem applying them in any organization that they are hired in. all of your courses and programs are compiled with the help of industry representative assistance. Moreover, the Charles Sturt University courses and degrees are accredited by the relevant agencies in Australia which means that as a graduate of Charles Sturt University, the industry is ready for you upon completion of the course. Another reason why I would like to join Charles Sturt University is because it has advanced teaching and learning facilities. Students in your university have access to computers, state-to-art-facilities, laboratories and networked libraries. The university gives the students an opportunity to gain experience from Australian reputable companies.

I look forward to a positive feedback .

Yours Faithfully

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