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Q1. Adafruit Company was established by Limor Fried in the year 2005. It is solely owned by Limor Fried (Adafruit, 2016).

Q2.Limo Fried is an engineer with a Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Massechutes Institute of Technology in 2005 (Rozenfield, 2015). Limo is someone who believes in honesty and runs the company in the same way; she believes in educating people on how to build hardware through her online tutorials (Adafruit, 2016).

Q3. Adafruit is an electronics company operating within the electronics industry.


Q4. The non-secrecy attitude existing in the company where for every hardware a tutorial is made teaching people how to do the same. The other thing is that with Adafruit only a working hardware is shipped to a customer and each item is tested by Limor herself to ensure quality. Adafruit also offers an educational programs to learners especially children and pre-university students as a way of encouraging and making electrical engineering more enjoyable.

Q5. The company competitive sources is from Limo herself. The company has grown and is still expanding but the one constant source of competitive advantage is the owner herself. This is because she manages to run the company towards a set goal which she earlier had; the goal is the creation of the best place online for learning electronics and creation of the best-designed products for makers of all ages and skill sets.

Q6. The target market for any organization will depend on the company’s goal. Adafruit’s goal was to provide the best online platform for learners on how to make any electronic product depending on age and skill set. The target market is, therefore, learners, especially enthusiasts of electronic and electrical engineering.


Q7. Agreeing to Albany (n.d), business level strategies are meant to detail actions to be taken by a company so as to add value to consumers and to establish a competitive advantage.

Q8. The first is cost leadership where there is a wider competition between the organization and consumer price strategy. The second is differentiation where the customer acquires value in a unique feature and characteristics of a given product. The consequent focus is based on reduced cost offering competing companies a select segment of the market to provide goods and services to. The fourth focused differentiation the company not only compete on differentiation but also a segment of market for provision of goods and services.

An integrated strategy is becoming more popular and offers improvement in any organization’s ability to adapt to environmental changes, learn new skills and for effective leverage of competencies. This strategy, therefore, offers a customer realization of value based on product features and low price (Albany, n.d).

Q9. Regarding cost leadership I would recommend use of cheaper materials, using technological advancements and increasing online platform so as to minimize cost of sale. This will ensure profitability even in cases where a company’s product is open source such as for Adafruit.


Q10. Corporate level strategy is meant to aid in establishing deliberated decisions in a business. These decisions include financial performance, mergers and acquisitions, human resource management and the allocation of resources (Bradley, 2016).

Q11. Differentiation offers value to clients, considering unique structures and characteristics of any given product. This creates a uniqueness that customers will appreciate and relate with.

Q12. In our case, the products are unique in that the hardware are open source, and there is tutorial on how to make any product. This will increase brand power as most customers especially for the target customers who are electronic enthusiasts will identify with such products and in turn create a barrier against any competition.


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