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Ethics is the notion of character infused with values which determine the individual’s goodness or badness and identity. Different culture, values, and conflict of interest result to the ethical dilemma. The ethical dilemma is also influenced by upbringing, belief systems, greed, gender, and self-interest. Thus, due do ethical dilemma, the decision makers need to consider the interest of all affected stakeholders while making decisions. Therefore the paper aims at developing the action plan for developing the ethical skills that will enhance my ethical skills and support my future management role. Thus, by the end of week 9, I will have improved my ability to make the critical decision that takes into consideration the need of my colleagues at work or tutorial group. I have chosen to develop an action plan for ethical skills because it determines the performance, reputation and bottom line of the organization (Treviñ & Nelson, 2011). For instance, ethics satisfy the basic human needs by being honest and fair. It also create credibility of the organization, unite people and leadership, enhance decision making and secure the society.

The action plan of improving ethical skills


1. Develop professor behavior.

Be aware of the need to practice ethics, values and historical traditions of the profession of social work.

• I will familiarize with the code of ethics.

• Attend training and workshop relevant to ethics.

• Work closely with the supervisor to ensure that core values and ethical principles are followed.

• Consult with my immediate supervisor at least twice.

Second week

2. Learn social diversity and cultural competence. Learn about distinctive features of population diversity and how discrimination and oppression may affect the service delivery of the systems of the clients of all sizes.

• Ensure that I communicate effectively with the clients of my career and their family members who may differ from my culture or who speak another language apart from English.

• Attend all training and seminars on social diversity and cultural competence to familiarize with distinctive features of the varied population I will be handling.

Third week

3. Utilize bio-psycho-social perspective based on strength to guide intervention effort and assessment of system of a client of all sizes.

• I will show the capability to complete assessment of psycho-social culture.

• The full evaluation will involve valuable information concerning the multiple social, culture, personal and familial element that influence the client’s life and their population.

Week four.

4. Acquire the simple understanding of empirical and theoretical knowledge and skills of generalist practice of social work.

• I will ensure that I gain awareness of the multicultural practice of aging population as worker who is professional.

• Develop a format of assessment for use in the field situation which addresses issues of sexual orientation, gender, and disability, and economic, social, physical, culture, ethnic, racial and religious factor relevant to the locations of a specific client.

• I will make complete intake in the home of the client or the field setting with the client.

Week five.

5. Develop professional communication by understanding the professional use and self – awareness of self in the practice of the system of the client of all sizes.

• I will participate in optional and mandatory in-services.

• Develop a variety of community resources that will support the client population or client with service needs.

Week six.

6. Understand the use of self in practice with the system of the clients.

• I will interact with the customers to demonstrate problem-solving technique during the field.

• I will strive to refine and improve necessary techniques as well self-evaluate.

Week seven

7. Become familiar with utilization of information technology to improve effectiveness as a social worker in the work setting.

• Record the documents of course on a consistent basis.

8. Learn to identify the effect of ethical policy in the structure, system, and function of the agency on the workers, clients and delivery of services.

• I will operate within the structure of the organization and promote the agency’s mission regarding the provision of services.

Measurement of the action plan.

For the first action of the plan, I will evaluate if I will be able to demonstrate compliance with a code of ethics. I will measure the second action of the scheme by assessing the ability to communicate with client actually or the family members who may culturally vary. I will demonstrate the skill by gathering data by the interview process. I will also evaluate if I will be able to complete assessment of bio-psychosocial culture like social, personal and familial elements of clients to measure action plan 3. To measure action 4, one will assess the effectiveness of my recording skills and adherence to confidentiality. For action five, I will evaluate if I can develop the community resource network to be used in various services need. I will also assess the capacity to respond to clients in an emphatic and genuine manner to measure action 6 as well the understanding of the process of problem-solving in work. In addition, I will measure action 7 by evaluating use off database for the management of the case. Lastly, the last action will be measured by evaluating the ability to understand the role of the employees.


By the end of week nine, the action plan will enable me to enhance my ethical skills which will be significant in a future management role. The skills will allow the organization that I will be working with to improve productivity, and good reputation since the customer relations will be enhanced as they will feel respected. The good will result will also be obtained as the organization will fit the values and aspirations of the client. Besides, the employees will feel empowered and satisfied when working with an organization that embraces ethical culture (Treviñ & Nelson, 2011). Moreover, the ethical skills will support in solving ethical dilemma since the decision made will be sound, informed and based on responsible judgment. Also, one will seek supervision or consult the colleagues while making decisions as well the skills and knowledge will be kept current. Therefore, the organizations need to embrace ethical skills while making a decision that involves the clients to the extent that is appropriate and possible.


Treviño, L. K., & Nelson, K. A. (2011). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right. New York: John Wiley.