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The design of the gas operation plant is laid out and enhanced with equipment to ensure that there is safety in operation which is to be smooth, effective, and efficiency with the cost of operation. The operation was achieved through the use of qualified personnel, and well-disciplined team, comprising of expert and specialist in piping, mechanical engineering, and layout. (Michael, 2014)

The layout used in Ramboll, which has highly experienced in the piping field, and also advanced layout which is 3D to improve the utilization of the space and the operational requirements for various facilities.

The mechanical engineering sector covers fire water calculations, expertise on rotating pieces of equipment, package engineering, procurement and development of the technical data for acquisition of the materials and services, dealing with the handling and update of design specifications, and material selection philosophies. The specialists are also involved in sectors of the rotation of the machinery such as gas turbines, water injection pumps, generators, and gas compressors. They are also experienced with specifications in advanced sectors such as an installation of floating production vessels as well as the quality of the gas compressors, and their fabrication, installations, product start-up, and design. (Michael, 2014)
Access Control System Design

The plant has several risks that the works have to consider before they begin their operations but the plant has put in place plans and coordinates to ensure safety and health environment to undertake the work for the different personnel in all operating assets. The specialist has come up with security procedures such as auditing work practices in the area of work. Also, a work permit is required. The top officials have also ensured there are well-laid channels for conducting ongoing emergency with alertness skills and program. The chief safety, environment & quality officer has to ensure all matter related to possible unsafe occurrence or accidents, and come up with appropriate recommendations to curb further recurrence in nature. (Michael, 2014)

The plant has to develop, administer, and implement a comprehensive loss prevention initiative to ensure workplace safety and strict compliance with useful codes of practice and the required standards for petrochemical industry engineering standards.

The plant has to ensure the division of labor in risk management such as the assisting chief safety, and environment to performs tasks of monitoring the process of changes and conditions. Also, often consulting the engineer in the field of site, to ensure the operations are carried out in accordance with the integrity and safety is managed with due regard to change in flow temperature, pressure, and materials to uphold the worker safety.(Michael, 2014)

Top officials to inspect the plant occasionally and offshore types of equipment, also, ensure that they meet the modification and new construction standards and layout parameters with the regards to the safety and fire protection systems.(Michael, 2014)

The site engineer has to review the technical design and ensure that it meets the engineering site standards. The top officials have to conduct several reviews procedures and systems of tasks to analyze the statistics to come up with the trends of accidents and environment effects to workers. Installation of computers to provide data to the company human resource in order, for them to monitor the trends of human safety & to analyze their performance. (Michael, 2014) Also, the company has to apply new safety techniques and assessment tools. Provision of improved application of assets in the process of security technology and risk assessment kits. The company has to ensure that it provides the basic formal technical quality networking. Also, it has to support the significant capital in projects such as start-up assistance, technical quality assurance and design consulting. Improving and maintaining the technical standards and guidelines (Michael, 2014).

The top supervisor in the post of safety education of the company employees to conduct both the site demonstrations, open classroom instruction, and drills. This can be achieved through approving the schedules for the arrangement of publication of plans, checking contents, and reviewing nomination procedures. The workers to be provided with manuals, and books this will ensure that there is the thorough understanding of their safety. The plant has also to oversee the implementation of the “permit to work” with precautions for hot maintenance work, and vessel entry procedures. This may includes the reviewing of licenses issued by officials, conducting proper measures in the commencement of the work, like systems of plant isolation, necessary tests are taken, and shutdowns. The workplace should be safe, and this can be achieved through regular engineer visiting the work sites which can be dangerous or maybe potentially difficult work.

The possible environment issues in Qatar gas plant are minimum this is because the Qatar government has laid regulations and strict laws that must be followed by industries and companies in emitting their waste to the surrounding environment. This has reduced the possible commotion with the government since Qatar is determined to be leading nation in fighting against global warming.(Perumal, 2009)

The gas plant has put efforts in improving security in the workplace to join the company security team. The facility ensures that it employs ten trainees for a minimum of 24 months in the security field. The trainees undergo development with intense classroom theory task, and another additional two weeks of thorough practical test before joining the company staff and securing their full-time staff security. The security personnel during class training, the recruits are exposed to relevant security topics that could assist them with essential experience in security guard operations. The security is trained in areas such as communication, customer care, security procedures, health and safety, and incident are areas covered. The practical training requires the participation of practical exercises designed to evaluate the capability and the ability of the security personnel to perform the task. (Perumal, 2009)

The training is done by chief security officials who monitor the process to ensure the security acquires the quality training. This ensures that the security personnel can perform a task under stressful conditions when required to do so. This benefits them as they gain useful skills and knowledge. A course such as Basic English is offered to them to improve their communication ability. The training has to be authorized by the board of International ASIS security organization. This board is worldwide recognized for quality security training standards for different security personnel have to be employed in industrial security. The Qatar gas plant is determined to employ security personnel from the local community.(Perumal, 2009)

Body part

The planning design control for the Qatar gas plant includes: offshore, on shore and the process. The offshore operates like approximately 80 kilometers north east to the mainland. It will have four sections such as Qatar gas one, Qatar gas two, Qatar gas three, and Qatar gas four. The gas one, which will have 22 production wells which will be drilled and will offer approximately 1,600 million standard cubic feet of natural gas everyday from the field reservoir, the underground that, is seabed, up to the existing Qatar gas one onshore trail.(Perumal, 2009)

The Qatar gas two will contain 30 wells drilled, which will provide relatively to 2.9 billion standard cubic feet natural gas each day up to the trains 4 and five onshore. The other Qatar gas will provide wet natural gas to onshore trains 6 and seven respectively each day.

The north part of the field will provide a complex heart of the gas land operation. The plant will contain two facilities which will offer complex living quarters, other two production platforms, and other three wellhead bridges which will connect to production facilities, and the other will serve as the remote platform to be allocated several kilometers away. This will lead to the installation of platforms which will be operating from the north end, and the other operating directly from the onshore view room.(Perumal, 2009)

The onshore part will occupy a site in Ras Laffan industrial city based on a plot of space in the area. The original part will consist of 3 trains to facilitate the natural gas from the offshore to the final export product, known as Liquefied Natural Gas.(Perumal, 2009)

The process, the first step will work for the separation of onshore condensate from the gas. The condensate after separation will be sent to the storage to wait for export. The natural gas flows to another train for liquefaction for processing into liquefied natural gas. In this stage of this process water, carbon dioxide, and sulfur are removed in this stage. Then, after this stage, the gas is chilled using propane and then follows refrigeration process. The heavy hydrocarbon is removed out in this juncture and then followed by fractionation into the LPG. And plant condensate. The cryogenic main heat cooler will cool the gas to relatively about 150 degrees Celsius. The final stage pressure will be reduced to close to zero and followed by temperature to negative 162 degrees Celsius, nitrogen is separated, and LNG is then linked to one of the reservoirs for storage, waiting to be loaded onto ships.(Perumal, 2009)

The design of site selection of the Qatar gas plant will have to consider the technology most appropriate GTL technology which will be used in the converting the natural gas into a diverse valuable, environmentally user-friendly, high-quality of hydrocarbon fossils and goods. The upstream, the plant after using GTL technology to produce, convey, and process some equivalents of 1.6 billion cubic feet of pure nature gas each day which will be used to produce 120,000 barrels of oil equivalent every day of the condensate, ethane, and liquefied petroleum gas. The other downstream dry gas will feed the pipes relatively 140,000 each day of the products. The project will also have to include other two offshore platforms to ensure efficient natural gas extraction, also, an on-shore GTL technology plant to be located inside Ras Laffan City, and two multi-phase submarine tunnels. (Perumal, 2009)The company will have to choose the best contractor, and for the case page, Europa is known to be the best site selection design contractor in the world. The contractor will offer procurement services, system design, engineering, turnkey supply, telecommunications, information technology systems, full systems testing, and infrastructures for all offshore and onshore plant facilities and industrial facilities.

These services are some public address and general systems of alarms equipped with two nodes offshore, 16 nodes inland, and various 3,000 speakers. Also, Tetra mobile a radio system which is mobile is private is required. Auxiliary and ancillary subsystems like intercoms, hotlines, maritime, aeronautical radio, power supply, non directional beacons, and cables, masts, towers, and voice recording systems. Some video surveillance CCTV systems enabled with more than 400 cameras, incorporation of intrusion detection system, some access control panels for the area. The installation of control, supervisory and video recording panels in the perimeter. The installation of fiber optic transmission panels for the offshore systems and onshore facilities, also LAN/WAN channels to be spread on the plant. Integrations of networks management board for the centralized control and supervision of all telecommunications platforms within the area.(Perumal, 2009)
Access Control System Design 1

Designing for access control systems for the Qatar gas plant and circulation routes should be laid on to accommodate the workers on the site and visitors, scholars and any other interested parties in the perimeter. The easy of circulation within the company is more economically beneficial since it results in safety and efficient in conveying of tools and products inside the enterprise. The company must ensure there are dual-carriages in the field. The access circulation design must be designed to ensure there are casualties due to fire, commotion, or collapse of plant material. The plant must ensure the carriage pavements are spacious enough to accommodate the workers on the site. The plant must put signs to alert occupants’ safe ways in case of danger. The circulation routes should be free throughout to ensure there is free movement, and escaping can be much easier. The circulation paths should be set to ensure in case of danger escaping in one direction is possible. The protected zones in the company must also lay escape stairs. Visitors place must have annexes since most of them might not have knowledge about the possible danger outcomes, this will assist them with supplementary guidance. The officers deployed in the area must provide sufficient information to company users to ensure them able to escape the building without any assistance in case of danger. The circulation paths used for transporting goods and tools during plant operation must be independent of the ones used during escaping, and free movement of personnel. The number and free movement of people in the company must be considered and setting up fire assembly points. The circulation paths for cooling water and sewage dispersal tunnels must be away from the areas of worker movement. Circulation paths which can create high-risk chances to harm the workers must be destroyed.

The company must design three access systems in case of danger which includes: direct escape, internal escape, and external escape. In the case of immediate escape, it means that the occupants will be able to escape from the building directly to the area of safety, without passing external and internal routes. The internal escape the victim will escape from the danger via enclosed stairs and corridors inside the plant to the final safety destinations. For the case of external escape route, the occupants partially or wholly escape using external routes such as access decks, flat roofs, and external escape routes.(Perumal, 2009)

The vehicles designing for access control system in the area has to be highly developed this is because the area was initially designed for intense mixed use retail environment but it had to change into mixed use to control the environment. The working environment has to ensure there are improved parking garage, also underground parking for the workers cars. At its peak output times, it can accommodate more than 4,000 workers and heavy tracks for the transportation of products to the market. Since the environment is a modified area, the plant has to ensure that it has integrated traffic control on the site. Vehicle control can become a massive menace to the Qatar gas plant if not well planned. The plant will have to accommodate the large vehicle access day and night, and has to conserve the environment. The company has to set up the operational vehicular barrier, within the defined perimeter since it has a high number of vehicles accessing the area even to an extent of 8, 000 per day. The benefit side of the barrier is it will provide a systematic manner in which the vehicles will access the plant, and this is achieved as the vehicles have to queue. The vehicles parking point needs, also, to be beeped with enough security to minimize cases of theft. (Robert, 2014)The company will have to employ the best security personnel like KEO and project planner who collaborates an approach which ensures automated, streamlined, and authenticated process. The parking architecture, technology, and operation must be deployed in the best way. The guard booths have to be oriented to sustain exterior vehicle control as per existing auto-court. The security desk has to be provided with exterior doors to enable them to respond with easy to vehicles which do not belong to the plant premises. Also, vehicle search area has to be established to enhance reintegration of cars that are suspected of entering. Later, the motor lanes have to be established to curb accidental or spontaneous vehicle access to the parking site from the public side. The drivers must present their credentials to minimize case of theft in the site. The plant has to design access control systems like color to signal acceptance or rejection to access the prohibited areas.(Robert, 2014)

Pedestrian control design access system must be deployed to ease the congestion. The most commonly used pedestrian control system is magnetometer machines and2 7 X-ray, which are installed into the company for threat concerns. The devices have to be installed in front of 46 optical channels that have to significantly spread out in the whole plant, and more so specifically located at the pedestrian exit and entry points. The company has to put in place elevator optical turnstiles which have to operate in barrier free mode. Their uses have to be accomplished during the morning hours and evening hours to ensure that the transparency of employees entering the company is accounted for. Visitor authentication control systems have to be located at each of the five guards’ points The approved visitors will use a barcode reader to access the prohibited points, and several security kiosks to be located at specific points, this will enhance easy verification of those are supposed to visit the site. The approved visitors will use a barcode reader to access the prohibited points. Service key surveying will alert security when the access control panel is passed. The pedestrian control is monitored by several guard booths, which have detectors. (Robert, 2014)

The service control design of Qatar gas plant will ensure that the number of services carried out there is control to ensure there are no overlaps of events. The service delivers in the Qatar gas plant must be controlled in due accordance with the material input and output. .(Bruce, 2009)

The company needs to lay a compressive access control panel that will offer information and be authoritative in such a way that if assist in running the business more efficient and can lay the stone of strong, important security. Qatar gas plant premises access control solution assist the company owners to guard machinery and the premises with strict security grounds.(Bruce, 2014)

The company has to install art video elements. The guards and the supervisors must ensure there are well-established channels of service control in the plant. The video is designed in such a way that they ensure that the machinery, output, and input are secured. The company has hosted a customized access control system. The need to maintain all documents in secure regarding the company premises and sales, and plans will offer enough service control access design. The company can easily control access design to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the company services without authority, and this can prevent destructions and damages.(Bruce, 2009)

The company has provided access control systems; this is achieved through the intrusion of detection panels that aids in service protection. The plant has laid barcodes and security keys in major areas of service delivery to assist during service access control. The workers in the company are entailed to bring with them certificates of good conduct during the job application. This has curbed the act of virus program in the company computer networks to prevent data crime malpractices. When managers access the office credentials, the signal is conveyed to company chief executive to ensure those with mandate access the premises. The plant has installed service access control software; this will ensure no one outside the firm brackets will access the details in firm production details. The access control will benefit because when the company key loss or stolen will prevent huge cost incurred during rekey process. If the company service data is lost to un- authorized person, the process of de- authorization, can be easy, hence reducing the cost of re-key process.(Bruce,2009)

Parking placement control for the company has laid more than 20 vehicular which serves as barriers for parking of officials and guest in the company. Vehicular parking access control has been laid with vehicles long. The public parking have controlled in due regard the number of employees and the contractor who access the premises.(Bruce, 2009)


The proposed barrier to movement and technology that will enhance access control system for vehicle barriers and pedestrian, security have beeped access control design through designing AGRC guard cameras consisting of 62 pan-tilt-zoom and 1,6444 fixed Pelco cameras that are laid unawareness in strategic points to monitor pedestrian movement and vehicle movement. Fiber optic wires and cable have been installed with exterior cameras to preclude the introduction of ground loop, power surges, and sneakers currents computer control systems. Exit doors have to be equipped with HID access control readers, high security, the site has 2,836 standard, and roll- up position sensor, with an aid of 450 plus duress buttons. The technology for pedestrian access has been beeped using magnetometer devices and 27 X-ray which cater for high threats concern. The pedestrian access has been advanced through elevator barriers which have barrier codes to scrutinize pedestrian before accessing the prohibited areas. The machines have high technology to grant entrance to places which have preserved for certain personnel. Barcode reader authenticates trespassing to the elevators. Pedestrian must have elevator intercom for emergency which is enhanced with travelling cable and enabled with encoder to IP and connected to the computer networks. The services access points have 20 access control codes with entrance floor tracking. This will offer sensor in case if person trespasses to the buildings.(Bruce, 2009)

The access control for the earlier project was designed for vendor, vehicular, and more of importantly pedestrian. The management have to change the old access control system to grant new users chance to elevations, sitting, and machinery operating premises. This is due to improved world technology and curriculum to grant access for scientific research and exploration. The ideas of crime prevention with accordance to the environmental design to grant access of credentials have been beeped through use of high instrumentation. Service codes have been offered to users to credentials areas with high credentials documents, this his achieved through beams sent to security control panels. The credential access point has been separated the access point from the public and private to ensure that the surveillance of the public is separated from the private. This will improve the natural surveillance in the street. The plant has emphasized in setting up natural setbacks within the company to offer witness delay of access to prohibited areas.(Bruce, 2009)

Access Control System Design 2

The credentials access control systems in the company has been improved through intense support supervision for monitoring for existing company and number has raised to more than 3,000 additional CCTV video cameras to monitor site location. The security control centre for the business is considered as heart of the company.(Bruce, 2009)

In case of increased company premises theft it can be curbed through means such as floor to floor elevator access control design and building towers and offices to monitor the movement of stranger who does not have business in the company.


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