Academic communication in science Essay Example

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Zizzi, S, Rye, J, Vitullo, E. and Hara-Tompkins, N, 2009, empowering youth through research: adolescents’ perceptions of physical activity interventions in Appalachian communities, journal of rural and community development, Vol 4, no.1, pp. 1-14. (

In this article, Zizzi et al analyze that the participations of the youths in evaluation and research projects will empower them and effect the community change. The authors of this article uses data obtained from focus groups conducted with the Health science and technology academy (HSTA) student-researchers who carried out the projects. The research focuses on how should educators take steps to involve young people in the process of social design and civic action and also encourage the educators to come up with curricular opportunities for young people so that they could feel involved in the making of the change in the society. The article is useful since it gives understanding on how youths should be empowered in order to participate effectively in evaluation and research projects in the society and how it effects community change. The limitations of this article is that the questions provided to the respondents was open ended and this always makes the respondents biased as a result of the questions complication. The authors did not fully carry out the research and the disparities in the results due to the limitations affect the accuracy of the results. As a result of this, they concluded that several and further research needs to be carried out at different places in order to have results which are more accurate. The information in this article will provide me with vital information during my research work.