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2Empowering youth engagement in society

Empowering youth engagement in society

The focus of this paper is to look at with a strategy that that is used by the schools department is using planning, educational and assessment resources that are empowered by researches in order to get the attention of the youth to be engaged in the activities in the society. These activities include the school-community programs. The paper has used an online journal that has collected its sources from various sources to come up with the best and eloquent answer.

The over view of the issue speculate that there are a number of opportunities that are provided by the schools to the youth so as to enable them to engage themselves in reasonable and meaningful ways that will provide them with the empowerment that they require to involve themselves with the activities of the schools. These involvement include giving them a chance to make the crucial decision that they require such as the involving themselves in the education. The strategies that are used in educating these youths include studies that are self-directed, learning that is project based, learning strategies that are cooperative, online learning strategies and studies that ensure that they are learning more about leadership skills. The policies that are set in these schools have ensured that the learning that is provided to the youths are able to make them leaders by giving them the leadership skills.

From this journal, we are able to understand that the youth are provided with the skills that will enable them to have a brighter future. This journal is a reliable source since it has collected information from many sources that are reliable which makes it reliable also. This has made the research to have easy time. The limitation of this type of research is that one will be able to have a lot of information which may turn out not to be reliable.


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