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Question 1. The rationale for change in improving the quality management in the organisation

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company is one the leading exhibitions companies in UAE. The company report represents the amazing steps that the company management has taken to as to improve the service delivery to its customers as well as leading the company subordinates to a successful business entity. The company is devoted to performing even better in the successive years. However, the company is in need of a change process which should also accommodate the change in quality management for the organisation (ADNEC report, 2015)

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company quality management rationale involves changing the quality management from the top of the management. This rationale involves the company board of directors planned change their way of leadership, in order to tackle and accommodate a quality management section in it. From the report, the company literally has little to no quality management traits, and thus with the planned agenda it will be better for the management when it will indulge in accommodating a department for quality management and quality control. In this way, the department will take cate of all the quality management issues affecting the company service delivery in business doing (ADNEC report, 2015).

Question 2. Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company Brief company history

The company vision is to become the most successful exhibition, a conference and an events centre in the region.

The key organisational mission is

  1. To create business tourism for Abu Dhabi

  2. To raise the emirates regional and international profile through hosting many exhibitions and conferences.

  3. To create an existing and adverse calendar of exhibition, exhibition and sports that deliver memorable experiences.

  1. Other company information

The ADNEC report 2015 illustrated that the company is currently well performing in the market, having won the Sheikh Khalifa Awards in 2012, it shows the company is on right course. The company strategic analysis for the successive years involve a comprehensive marketing of their services, so as to attract more clients and help build the Abu Dhabi tourism sector. A comprehensive advertising and raising of awareness if the chief strategy for the company improvement. The company however has many opportunities and strengths in the market, with a little weakness and threats.

In Abu Dhabi, the company faces minimal to no competition, although the chief competitor – the Abu Dhabi Oasis Exhibitions Company is rising. This is the only key competitor to the ADNEC. The company strategic management supports the TQM in the company in that in its strategies, the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company is able to accommodate the quality management in it while understanding the assets of quality change that are responsible for the public selling of the organisation (Kanji, 2009),.

Question 3. Overview of the company TQM system.

According to Kanji (2009), the following are the principles of TQM being implemented by the company.

  1. Producing of quality work the first time, the company has shown this by comprehensively showing a lot of activity and quality work since its inception in 2005 and attracting more clients who like their work

  2. Focusing on the customer. The company is highly interested in its customers, and it treats all customers in a special manner, to attract them again and influence quality in their rating.

  3. Improve continuity. The company is willing and devoted to highly promote its continuity in both positive performance in the market as well as the quality management.

  4. Encouraging the mutual respect and teamwork. The company encourages respect all the players in their business doing, from the stakeholders to all the customers, while influencing teamwork to boost performance.

  5. Having a strategic approach to improvement. The company current strategic approach is to improve its service provision in the best, and most suited to encourage and influence quality management.


Kanji, G. (2009). Total Quality Management: Proceedings of the first world congress. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands.