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Abstract for A Comprehensive Systems Analysis(Two Warring Nations — ISIS and Syria) Essay Example

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Title : Abstract


This paper gives a comprehensive analysis on the systems set in place to tame the two warring nations; ISIS and Syria. A deeper insight of the origin, propagation modes and the current state of affairs of the war in question is widely covered in the introduction part of the document. A comprehensive description, history and application of principles of system of systems is included herein. The document has tried to assess the effectiveness and role of system of systems in the containment of state of the warring nations. The need and importance of utilizing systems engineering principles in order to understand the complex dynamics and characteristics within the ISIS and Syria conflict has also been addressed. Various scholars and social scientists who have dedicated a lot of scholarly resources in studying and documenting the war were reviewed in the literature review section of the document. Although various scholars hold various divergent views on the actual cause and state of the war, the need for a working system as a solution is eluded by most of them.

The conflict between Syria and ISIS is attributed to various players. The players in reality are plenty and range from nations to big companies. However, the document has illustrated the role of some of the key players known. The leadership structures, settings and behavior of the two warring nations have also been described in depth.

The assessment and findings of the engineering systems was determined by doing a time series analysis quantitatively using Hurst exponent. An H value of 0.9 was attained from the analysis proving that there was a significant trend reinforcing behavior. Hurst variables from the analysis indicates that ISIS carries out coordinated attacks by use of insurgent groups. It is also found out that the war is majorly aligned towards religious beliefs and religion based extremism.