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About Tesla X Model Car

About Tesla X Model Car

Product Description and Its Primary Benefits to the Consumers

The Tesla X 2016 is one among the few luxurious midsize Sports Utility Vehicles. It is a powerful, green and fast car making it convenient to the consumer («Model X | Tesla», 2016). With its seating capacity of up to seven adults, it can carry them uphill and still maintain considerable speed. In the case where one would want to travel fast, the Tesla X has an acceleration of zero to sixty miles an hour in less than three seconds. More so, it has an athletic steering handling for consumers to easily control their vehicle while accelerating fast and when negotiating sharp bends.

Brand Perception Description and Relevant Related Issues

The Tesla X just like any other brand is perceived as a very high-performance vehicle. Most of them rate it highly due to its exceptional features such as its high acceleration uphill while at full passenger capacity. While this car is enviable, it can only be accessed by a few consumers since it is costly. Similarly, the 100kWh battery can only cover 289 miles upon which charging is required («Model X | Tesla», 2016). As an electric car, it has acquired similar attention as in the case of prestigious cars such as the Ferrari. Therefore, it is a worthy car considering it has futuristic doors and an autopilot option.

Why Would Consumers Choose Tesla-X Over Those Of The Competitors’ and How Does Your Product Rate Against Those of the Competitors’?

The Tesla X comes with exceptional features that make it a force to reckon with compared to competitor models and has a rating of nine against ten. It comes with a safety first design where its front hood serves to cushion the driver from an impact. Additionally, it is very aerodynamic, and with that, it can cover distances of up to 289 miles faster that other SUVs (Larkin, n.d.). Unlike diesel and petrol vehicles, this vehicle has enough space to accommodate things in both the front and rear trunks. More so, it comes fitted with the largest windshield ever produced for a better front view compared to competitor models.

Major Current and Emerging Market Trends Impacting on Electric Cars

While electric cars have amazed the automobile market with their zero emission, hybrid cars are attracting the attention of consumers. The latter has the capability of using electrical charge and petroleum fuels for the same performance. Therefore, users who are worried about battery problems in electric cars enjoy the convenience provided by the hybrid vehicles. Similarly, intelligent cars are shaking the market with their ability to help drivers in braking, steering, and acceleration (Larkin, n.d.). As such, consumer mobility is changing thanks to this disruptive technology in the market. However, despite the competing technologies, the need for electric cars has increased over the years. This demand is as a result of increasing research in hydrogen and solar energy. Similarly, the availability of electric vehicles has changed the acceptance trends for electric cars by consumers.

Relevant Opportunities and Threats facing the Company


Tesla Motors has invested heavily in the production of green automobiles, unlike other manufacturers. As such, this company has established its market and for some time can determine what consumers need. Over the past few years, enthusiasts have shown an increasing interest in the acquisition of the Tesla model. The uniqueness of the Tesla X is not only its design but the way it transforms consumers’ driving experience (Pandey, n.d.).

On the contrary, while this company enjoys huge appreciation from its clients, it has used a lot of money to fund research. More so, a rapid expansion of its production and if the costs go high the production of the Tesla model cars may be threatened. Additionally, there is the threat of competition from other companies that venture into the production of electric cars.


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