A3 Essay Example



Multinational corporations engage multiple resources to remain in business and reach to communities that they do business with. BHP Billiton is an Australian multinational that has adopted 14 principles to guide its leadership into successful collaboration with communities and seamless operations under the role of management. Besides making contribution to the Aboriginal communities, BHP Billiton maximizes socio-economic advantages, innovation, technology and productivity. As a result, the company has adopted 14 principles to enumerate the leadership concepts that will deliver it towards organizational success and competitive advantage. Managers at various levels in the company strive to realize goals and maximize management proficiencies.

Company strengths and weaknesses

BHP Billiton has substantial physical resources including land for mineral exploration and exploitation in various parts of the world. The company also employs over 100,000 skilled employees around the world with competitive pay scales. The company in 2014 had a market capitalization of $179 billion, credit ‘A’ rating and revenues of $67.2 billion, an increase of two percent (BHP Billiton, 2015). Moreover, product diversity has lowered the risk that the company may have faced during economic crises and low demand cycles. However, security breaches are also expected to result in disruption of operations and misappropriation of funds despite the high demand for electricity and the robust demand for refined copper metal have made the market remain broadly balanced (O’Neil, 2012). High employee turnover and security breaches could portray the company in bad light. These can be taken up by competitors and become adverse to company’s operations.

Challenges and lessons learned from writing the paper

First, it was difficult to extract data on the company along with its competitors due to data protection. To overcome this challenge, I had to broaden the search to various articles, journal and magazines. Secondly, planning the work was a challenge as to what should start and what to follow within the specified timelines. I created a ‘to do’ list in which I made an outline of the paper then narrowed down to the sub-topics. For example, I outlined as managerial responsibilities, company policies and culture, leadership models and levels, indigenous communities, and principle concepts of leadership. Thirdly, I grammar and typographical mistakes were part of the completed work. To overcome this, I proofread the work and ran it through the auto-grammar checker in MS Word.

I learned that communicating in English is not only about writing paragraphs but piecing up coherent and flowing work that can be understood by scholars and laymen. Through research and analysis, I felt that I have the scholarly knowledge to write thesis and dissertations. I also learned how search for documents online and in physical libraries and use the various writing styles to provide a flawless paper. I honed my presentation skills by understanding how to prepare slides if called for to make a classroom presentation.


Leadership structures in multinational corporations (MNCs) require superior cultural understanding of the host nation. BHP Billiton is one such company that has operations spread in various continents. To become sustainable and acceptable in these countries, the not only emphasizes on operations but also social responsibility to the communities surrounding the business (Fitzroy et al. 2012). This means that the company must adopt policies and culture that is pro-change and safeguards the interests of the firm (Daft et al. 2010). Controlling employees also require that management engage in high ethical standards, innovation, transparency and cultural beliefs of employee development. Senior management may be inhibitors to vibrant employees through unfavorable human resource policies. Accountability and safety are entrenched in the leadership model of BHP Billiton. While its top managers exercise global perspectives such as resource acquisition and strategic decisions, middle level manager optimize work practices and commitment to health and safety of its personnel (Chesse, 2015). On the other hand, first line managers have a role of enhancing the duty of care while dealing with the business code of conduct. Leadership concepts are essential in organizational success and so BHP Billiton has enumerated 14 principles to commend success (BHP Billion, 2015). The principles in descending order are alignment, distributed leadership, integration of effort, ‘outfront’, ‘upfront, resourcing the medium term, time based, bias for action, learning focus, discipline, reporting and publication, customer value and capabilities creation and micro to macro. BHP Billiton not only invests in community investment programmes to uplift the livelihoods of Aboriginal communities but also employs a number of their skilled workers (BHP Billiton, 2015).

Demonstrated competencies

  • Numerical and writing skills have been demonstrated while working on this paper. This applies to using and interpreting firm’s financial information and following the report writing guidelines towards compiling a good report.

  • Communication skills have also been enhanced through reading and writing of reports. This is related to the ability to interpret financial data and link to the required topical theme.

  • Interpersonal skills and public relations were also required when approaching the various libraries to acquire information. I also learned how to work in a team and bring out the best in every team member.