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Date: 07th September 2011

In this scenario, the one factor that most probably led to the development of conflict is the managers Display of affection for the receptionist. This may in one way or the other have resulted to other workers feeling that the front office manager has a high regard for her that for all of them as staff of the same department. Though there were no direct accusations on the receptionist, the fact that others may have become uncomfortable making a small mistake that the receptionist did be viewed with a lens.

On the other hand, there seem to have been a communication problem, the friends of the receptionist should have at least talked to her about what may have been found to be not so good behavior to save her from a sermon by the manager and even being noticed by the General Manager.

Considering the level of conflict that seem to exist here, it would be of importance if the collaborative strategy. This is because it ensures a win win situation, where the end result will be cooperation and teamwork helping everyone achieves their goals and maintains relationships. On the hand, forcing can be used where the manager exerts his authority to ensure that the receptionist changes her behavior to that desired of her and this will mean instant change in fear of the consequences.
From the scenario, the conflict seems to have been incubated in the receptionist’s co-workers and then came out through the comments made to the reception manager by the general manager which suggested to him that there was an issue at hand and that led to him calling the receptionist she was proud of to his office.
As for the interpersonal conflict, it is not evident in these cases for the receptionist never had any personal differences with the coworkers or the manager.

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