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A solution for Aging population AA solution for Aging population  1 SOLUTION FOR AGING POPULATION

A solution for Aging population  2

A solution for Aging population  3A solution for Aging population  4

The 21st century is undoubtedly being shaped by a demographic shift of global aging with enormous political, economic, and social effects.
(Ceobanu & Koropeckyj-Cox, 2013) The 20th century as mentioned by Bouvier (2001) has yielded long life benefits totting up thirty years to life, but separately, there has been a drop in the fertility rates, and consequently by mid-century approximately 33% of the worldwide population will be in the group conventionally acknowledged as elderly, and more than 40% in scores of developed countries like Australia.

According to Bengtsson and Scott (2005), the world has never in the past experienced a change of this scale, placing extraordinary demands on economic as well as social policies; thus, creating the need for a solution for an aging population.


. Evidently, the present unemployment state of affairs makes future working life more intricate. However, if employers just think about today and give early retirement to aged persons, in the end there will be far less jobs for younger generation. (Burcin, Drbohlav, & Kucera, 2008)Obviously age discrimination in the place of work together with employer attitudes must change since not all and sundry will manage to stay in the similar occupation; thus, a number of them may have to retrain

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. What’s more, saving extra will not be sufficient to guarantee decent earnings in the future. (Brett, 2012)The rising numbers of retired persons with pension revenues that are below par will make aged persons have less money to use and this as a result will make the economy weak, damaging job prospects as well as medium growth for everybody

. It is worth noting that lives are changing so expectations as well as attitudes must as well change. (Burcin, Drbohlav, & Kucera, 2008)Therefore, enabling aged persons as well as wider population sections to continue being economically active and keep on earning is a very important part of dealing with an ageing population

A solution for Aging population  7


demands novel philosophy, given that pension revenues for nearly all aged people are merely insufficient to sustain them throughout their aging lives. Caballero et al. (2013) suggest that employers should not make them believe they must leave the workforce in general if the aged employees are not certain they want to retire. The ageing population affordability, according to Zhang, Guo, and Zheng (2012)When the present pensions as well as retirement concepts were formulated, individuals in their early sixties were grouped as aged, but at the moment scores are still healthy and fit into their seventies.

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. (Piau, Campo, Rumeau, Vellas, & Nourhashemi, 2014)Therefore, it is actually not sustainable to anticipate that savings from private pension (whether organized by individuals or employers) can ensure good earnings. As afterward life lengthens, the pensions’ parameters must adjust for that reason, and individuals must reflect on saving for care needs in the life after work


A solution for Aging population  10Apart from the aforementioned solutions, the government must instigate a campaign that drives a positive view of population aging, wherein society will have to embrace an optimistic view of long life as well as aging population as a base for fiscal development, personal accomplishment, and intergenerational harmony (Caballero, et al., 2013; Ceobanu & Koropeckyj-Cox, 2013). What’s more, society should see population aging as a course of life instead of life ending process.

What’s more, ageing persons should be seen as a continuum and holistically; bearing in mind that a sustainable society of aging persons can simply be realized through an interconnected approach that encourages a fit, contented, health, industrious and fiscally secure aging populace (Bengtsson & Scott, 2005; Zhang, Guo, & Zheng, 2012).

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Moreover, the government must heavily invest in innovative technology together and research that facilitates healthy and active aging and this can be achieved by investing on biomedical innovative and research technologies for age-based health conditions as well as needs. Piau, Campo, Rumeau, Vellas, and Nourhashemi (2014) affirm that healthy aging along with financial security are steered by a firm life quality, which can be improved progressively by means of easy access to care, such as prevention programs as well as in-home care.

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